Least Favorite in Surveys of the wasting time variety

  • Oct. 11, 2018, 8:03 a.m.
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Least favorite movie:
Suicide Squad. I think.....I fell asleep. It just made no sense.

Least favorite color:
Yellow. It’s not that I hate it. It’s just that it’s not my favorite. Poor yellow.

Least favorite flavor:

Least favorite city:
Not really sure. People rave about Sydney but I’m really not a fan. I mean, the harbour is pretty but geeze....it’s a nightmare to get around.

Least favorite musician:
Andre Rieu.

Least favorite restaurant:
La Porchetta.
You want a side of fries with your fries?

Least favorite word:
Awesome. There are some people who use it ad nauseum.

Least favorite era:
I don’t know.......ok I’ll say the 80s onmy for the constant fear of damnation and the Second Coming my church instilled into me. There was evil everywhere....in the music I loved, the books I read, the toys in our toybox, the movies we watched. So much fear. I lived on the edge of a panic attack for the best part of a decade.

Least favorite personality trait:
Self righteousness....a’la Noel.

Least favorite holiday:
Christmas. I used to love it. Now i avoid it.

Least favorite song:
Piano Man by Billy Joel. I absolutely hate it.

Least favorite food:

Least favorite month:

Least favorite state:
NSW. Hard to explain why.

Least favorite airline:

Least favorite animal:
Hippos and Leopard Seals. Hippos are fricking viscious....one of the most territorial creatures on earth. Leopard seals scare the shit out of me.

Least favorite actor:
Tom Cruise. I wanna smash him in the face.

Least favorite president:
We have Prime Ministers....and my least favorite was Paul Keating. Arrogant asshole.

Least favorite gift:
I don’t have one. The only time I’d not appreciate a gift is if it was given out of obligation.

Least favorite dinner:
Curried sausages

Least favorite scent:
The smell when you head towards the township of Moe. It’s kind of rotten egg.....disgusting, i dont know what smell....but it also disturbs me in my memory bank and I don’t know why.

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