Exhaustion in Book Five: Working Through the Maze 2018

  • Sept. 28, 2018, 12:42 p.m.
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As an attorney and denizen of the internet, I will be so glad when this entire Kavanaugh thing is behind us.

As an American and a Prosecutor, I worry that no matter what happens regarding Judge Kavanaugh, we have reshaped the country in damning and terrible ways.

So… on one hand, “Hurry up, make your decision, get it over with, get it out of the news cycle.” On the other hand, “This is going to impact our country for decades. I am so heartbroken. I would be enraged but… I’m just… too exhausted for it.”

By the way:

(1) To all the Conservatives who jumped on BackBrett because “How dare a woman come forward 35 years later!” Honestly… do you feel the same about allegations against Catholic Priests? Do you feel the same about allegations against Bill Cosby? Do you, as some are discovering, feel the same about allegations your own children are making? Are you discovering that your daughters were attacked and didn’t tell you? Are you realizing that your sister was groped at a club 20 years ago but didn’t speak up? How do you feel about that?

(2) To all of those people stating that “No conviction means nothing should happen to him!” do you realize what these hearings are even about?! This isn’t an attempt to GET KAVANAUGH IN TROUBLE. Literally no criminal charges have been filed and nothing (technically) is going to happen to him if these allegations are proven true! Honestly. These women could walk in to the hearings with videotape proving their case and nothing would happen to Kavanaugh. This is all about determining whether Judge Kavanaugh gets a promotion. Period. End of Sentence. This is about 1 man getting to be promoted to a position where he can’t get fired. Think about that for a LONG time before saying anything. Think about YOUR job. When trying for a promotion… do your employers go out of their way to make sure that no matter what you get your promotion… or do they spend your entire review looking for reasons not to promote you? Now think about it more carefully. If you were trying to be named as the CFO of your entire company… how would that go? At your review… if your employer called in someone from your High School that stated “Back in High School, we put him in charge of Prom Committee funds and he took all of it. Prom had to be held in the school gym and our theme was ‘School Pride.” SOME employers would call that a youthful indiscretion. SOME employers would leap at the chance to say “No CFO position for you.” MOST employers would simply move on to another qualified candidate because of the problems they would have with their Boards.

(3) To those screaming that this is a massive Democratic Conspiracy to prevent a qualified candidate from becoming a Supreme Court Justice: You should have known this was coming, you should know exactly what I’m about to say… two words: Merrick Garland. How about two more words: Justice Gorsuch.

If presenting credible sexual assault allegations is a Democratic Conspiracy… what do you call refusing to hold hearings on Merrick Garland? Because if you claim anything other than Republican Conspiracy… you’re full of shit. The Republicans controlled the Judicial Confirmation Committee back then JUST as they do now. They could have held hearings on Garland. They SHOULD have held hearings on Garland. They didn’t. They never spoke with him. They never did their jobs at all in regards to him. NOT that I’m arguing tit for tat. I’m arguing that if your opinion on this matter is “Angry at Democrats for concocting this conspiracy!” then you’d better join me in my “Angry at Republicans for violating their oaths!” about Garland. If not? Then fuck you and your opinion because it isn’t about “Protecting the law” and it isn’t about “Doing the right thing” it is strictly about partisan bullshit and Partisan Patriotism is akin to Gang Loyalty and I haven’t the time nor patience nor CRAYONS to explain how Militant Partisanism is dangerous to this country.

By the way… the Democrats would have unleashed their conspiracy on Gorsuch if they were going to unleash one at all. They had 8 months before the elections to plan for it and they had the Gorsuch nominating process. If you still think “No, they had more time to plan this one because they thought Clinton would win” then you’ve skipped the biggest part of the Kavanaugh Fuckery. They’ve rushed him. They’ve rushed the entire process. They’ve been on a fast track get him in now now now this whole time. Any detailed “conspiracy” to this level? They aren’t that smart, wealthy, or coordinated. TRUST ME. I’ve been to their meetings. They were fighting each other over petty bullshit. They aren’t organized enough to pull off something at this scale so quickly. And it isn’t partisan hackery.

If you believe Democrats simply “don’t want to allow a Conservative Judge on the bench”… uh, they already did with Gorsuch. And they aren’t looking to fight for the next 2.5 years not filling a seat. PRETEND all the Democrats dreams come true and they win every election in the midterms… they impeach Trump… lets say (not likely) they even get rid of Pence… you still have a Republican President nominating a Conservative to the bench. This isn’t about Partisan Hackery as much as it is about Kavanaugh being a questionable as fuck choice for the Supreme Court.

(Bonus Extra Credit Numner 4!) Schools!

Hey, if you stuck with me this far, awesome. I’m guessing you remember me from such political rants as “Fuck This Obama Policy” and “The Supreme Court and Ivy League”. It is that last one I want to point to. Remember when Obama was nominating for the Supreme Court? For our newer viewers, you likely won’t remember this… but I was super critical of Kagan’s nomination! I was particularly critical because of how it would affect the makeup of the court. Obama nominated TWO New Yorkers that went to EAST COAST IVY LEAGUE schools. That bothered me. The Supreme Court is supposed to be a Judicial Body Representing the United States. Putting up more and more New Yorker East Coast Ivy League Alumns was a problem for me. Because of HOW MANY New Yorker East Coast Ivy League Alumns were on the Supreme Court.

SO… I had problems with two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE being nominated by the same president for being TOO LIMITED due to their school upbringing.

THIS IS THE SAME DEAL BUT WORSE. Now remember.... Obama, Democrat, Nominees where Liberal… I had issues because
Kagan: Princetown & Harvard
Alito: Princetown & Yale
Sotomayer: Princetown & Yale
All other Justices graduated from Harvard or Yale. Even Gorsuch. Even Kavanaugh.

BUT Kavanaugh and Gorsuch have something even MORE in common than something simple like “New York and Ivy League”. Kavanaugh and Gorsuch (TRUMP’s APPOINTEES) went to the same Prepatory School!! You want to talk about objecting to backgrounds for being too similar?! Two wealthy white men who went to Georgetown Prep at about the same time (Kavanaugh is 2 years older than Gorsuch) who then went to Ivy League (Gorsuch: Harvard, Kavanaugh: Yale) being nominated by the same President.

So… just as an added bonus… if you say I’m only against Kavanaugh because he’s a Republican? There’s some history for you. I was against Kagan for being Obama’s “Second New York Female East Coast Ivy League” nominee. Kavanaugh could fairly be described with even clearer specificity as Trump’s “Second Georgetown Prep Rich Family White Male East Coast Ivy League” nominee.

Ginger September 29, 2018

With the Kavanaugh debacle added to other recent allegations, I can't help but scratch my head at the fact that we seem to hold entertainers to a much higher standard than the leaders of our nation.
Cosby- sentenced. That is a rarity, of course. But Roseanne makes what could be construed as a racist comment on Twitter- she's immediately taken off her platform. Danny Masterson is accused and he is immediately written out of "The Ranch." Kevin Spacey is accused and he is immediately fired from "House of Cards." It goes on and on.

Donald Trump is accused of all kinds of lousy behavior and well, that's just boys being boys. He's still the greatest.
Kavanaugh is accused and basically the same thing. It turns into an alleged victim being blamed for coming forward. I know the same victim-blaming and shaming attitude is put forward about both politicians and entertainers, but the entertainers are suddenly seeing consequences to their behavior.

Then again, keeping a racist or a rapist on your network might lose you some money and viewers in 2018. And the government is getting their paycheck either way.

Park Row Fallout Ginger ⋅ October 01, 2018

I agree, though the tragedy behind that may fall again into political divide. Hollywood is about getting money from as many Americans as possible and is run by typically liberal but money-hungry individuals. Whereas Washington DC is about getting money for themselves and their largest donors and is currently run by Trumpist, morally bankrupt individuals.

It is the largest reason why I think, despite Clinton's Popular Vote Win, the Delegates gave Trump an Electoral Vote Win. Trump may burn democracy to the ground, incinerate our international reputation, and genuinely destroy any bargaining power the United States has in the world... but at least he won't make billion dollar CEOs pay employees a living wage.

SweetMelissa October 02, 2018

This is a good read

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