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  • Sept. 25, 2018, 6:08 a.m.
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It was this time of year three years ago when we fought to get this house. One year in I wanted to love but really couldn’t. Two years in and it hit again that I wanted to move, but still was not to the point where we could. Now this year I could except I haven’t been on the job long enough and my income is very low, by choice I assure you. My husband makes the major income in the house however his bankruptcy has only been barely a year so not yet. Maybe next year. If we had somewhere to stay we could sell this house and bank what we can of that to help with a future purchase, however we have nowhere to go. We have 5 dogs, two indoor cats, one outdoor cat, and two kids. Most places don’t allow that many pets. Add in the fact of what we pay for rent and not being able to get anything for that. Yeah, we are staying here. Probably for a while. Our tax return next year is already earmarked for something else unless we can get a loan to cover it. So we will see. Hopefully we can find a place we like then. I would really prefer a three bedroom with at least an acre… right now there is one in our price range but I expect it will sell quickly. I would be fine with a two bedroom house, I really would, but my oldest child’s dad is a jerk and I can see him making an issue of it. Hmph.

I never really noticed that the time of year where I want out is around the same time we moved here until now. Must be the time of year for moving. Lol. My brother and his wife are looking to move in close to us here in the next couple weeks. Guess it will be nice to have them close. Doubt we will see them any more (than we currently do) which is fine with me. Gives me another potential babysitter.

Some days I get tired of my client. Yes, I know she is 84 and getting cranky, but really. Complain about the neighbor dogs being outside and barking. One day. A single day of the dog barking. Get over it. There are other things she says or does that bother me. I think I am getting burnt out from it. But I will stay as long as need be. I would like to not include my income with any mortgage we get so the job isn’t necessary. I have to be able to afford my animals so maybe I will need to still work. Once we move we hope to have some goats and whatnot. So more mouths to feed.

I guess I should go to bed.

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