drifting on thoughts ... in ...a soft snow

  • Feb. 8, 2014, 11:31 p.m.
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 photo 361FB37B-D98D-45AA-A706-F5B7B305D1E5_zpshrbq6k0v.jpg

 photo B221D846-F295-4725-B90A-96930F4C2AED_zpseudhuaec.jpg

..of where I am ...caught in a winter dream....waking to Venus in the eastern, pre-dawn sky....alone on the waves, drum beats still play and carry the captured words

~~~I'm missing the star that fell to the sea, but I hold it in my heart....the soft sand beaches where I wrote my lover's name in sea shells of lapis lazuli ...a pleasure garden in the sky  photo 313C2ABA-AA8C-45CD-929D-02E74095EDC2_zpspyzm21sm.jpg (((a perky pink tipped bulb in winter))) keeps me believing in a return of spring and ...

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