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  • Sept. 17, 2018, 8:56 p.m.
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Let’s prioritise. Create your own to-do-list. First things first. See how it works.

Hold on a sec. First things first? Which one(s)? How do we know the one(s) we prioritise deserve to be the first?

Things can get really tricky when you (feel you) have so much to do, but with so little time. What happens if there are other people demanding to be our ‘first things first’?

There are some factors or elements that may help you to determine which is which. This isn’t always a rigid right or wrong. A plenty of things below can change your idea on what should be prioritised:

  1. Their importance.
    How important are they to you? Can’t they wait? What happens to your life if you put them on hold? Will that have dire consequences?

  2. The deadline.
    This is more or less the same. How fast can we finish them before it? Why do they need deadlines? What happens if we miss it? Will something bad happen?

  3. Their level of ‘challenges’.
    Some things take time, while others can be done in a flash. Sometimes it’s not always about deadlines. Like some teachers used to tell me back in school during daily pop quizzes or exams:

“Do the easiest first.”

  1. The potential reward(s) at the end.
    Being helpful to others is a great thing. Helpful people – especially without expecting anything in return – make this life feel so much easier and still worth living for.

However, sometimes you must learn when to say ‘no’ and not feel bad about doing so. If people can do that to you and get away with it, why not? Think about the reward(s). Consider your energy.

Sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first. It’s not always selfish. Screw those who think otherwise.

If you feel or think (or even both) that it’s worth it, then go ahead and do it. If you hesitate – even for just a second, then it’s okay to back out.

  1. Your own ability to prioritse and stay firm with your choices.
    Be consistent. Perhaps you’ve heard that a lot already. Stick to your plans. No straying away.
    What if suddenly something else happens? What if it throws you off the track? Would you try your best to go back or just be more flexible instead?

So, which ones are your ‘first things first’? How willing are you to stick to your original plans or just roll with it? May these five (5) factors help you to decide better.


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