Reality check - the Friday night, I haven't done one in months? Years?! in Hot town, summery in the city - 2017

  • Sept. 14, 2018, 5:31 p.m.
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WHERE: in the bath, which desperately need to be re-enameled (still). Relaxing after a long, tiring but fun day.

WEARING: hey, I’m in the bath dudes!! Three blister plasters (half marathon injury fixes), three hairbands (one neon green and one neon orange on my wrists, one neon yellow in my hair), a blue, 4Ocean bracelet, four rings, six earrings.

FITNESS UPDATE: well, I completed the half marathon… I was absolutely done in by the end but I did it! I jeffed (ran ten minutes, walked one minute) up until 8 miles when I added a minute to the walks. Then at ten and a half miles I walked uphill because my blisters chose that moment to call “Cooooooooeeeeeee, hellooooooooooooooooo!!! but then I ran the last mile, with an utter inability to sprint finish.
IN THE NEWS: everyone is wrong about how many people died in last year’s hurricane (the big one), because FlumpFart says so…
READING: I don’t remember what it’s called, it was one of those 99p kindle offers. It’s a book about a woman who’s daughter leaves home to work in London and the factory in which the woman works burned down so she headed to Crete to volunteer on an organic bee farm, with thoughts of a previous holiday romance in her mind.

I’m listening to One For the Money by Janet Evanovitch.

ACTIVITIES TODAY: I got up at 5:45am to run, then stretched and showered and got Lila up. I made lunch and then breakfast (a large coffee with a bowl of porridge mixed with honey and peanut butter). I went to work, chatted in the staffroom and went to the classroom. Spelling test, English and maths then lunchtime football (always fun to watch the year 2s chase the ball in a large gaggle!). Afternoon was PE where I ran cross country with year 3s to show them how to pace themselves. Most of those who shot off as fast as they could came in after me. Home, played a bit of June’s Journey (a fun, de stress game) and then came upstairs for a bath.

THINKING ABOUT: the exciting new ventures within my life....
I have three more weeks at work then I’ll be coasting until I can register as a Childminder again, all while homeschooling my eldest… I’m terrified!!

PLANNING:finishing the ofsted application - I finally got all the info I need today, writing the de registration letter for school, reading up on the EYFS so I can blow the ofsted inspectors mind, writing out a risk assessment for childminding and home edding at the same time. Doing my first aid course (it was supposed to be October but changed to November when not enough people showed an interest in the October one… Grrr!!!
Getting my biometrics measured as I haven’t had it done in years and I want to try different running shoes. The blister giving ones aren’t going to work, that’s for sure!!

And, as Looney Toons says - THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

~Twinkle~ September 14, 2018

Yay Friday! You’ve so made me want a bath now!

northern lights September 14, 2018

TGIF! A bath sounds great.

thesunnyabyss September 14, 2018

you deserve a relaxing bath,

I stopped working when Laryssa was in grade 10 here, between the phone calls about her behaviour and the phone calls about Will's learning issues I just couldn't do it,

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Lis September 17, 2018


colojojo January 07, 2019

Congrats on the half marathon!

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