The sloths have been appeased in Site Updates

  • Sept. 8, 2018, 5:37 p.m.
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Hey everyone,

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, PB is feeling sooooo much better today. The site was down for about an hour as we grabbed a snapshot to be safe and then upgraded.

Here’s how performance is looking so far:
graphs are grate

This is really promising! The average load time of the front page has gone from 8 seconds to 3.5 and is holding steady even with peak traffic. I’m pretty pleased.

One of the things we’re looking into to help performance (and also to make the site more fun) is dynamically refreshing the front page when a new entry is posted. I can see by the analytics that the front page is the most popular, and I have a hunch that a lot of you are refreshing multiple times to see new entries. That can be slow, and I’d love to have the site be smart enough to pop in entries as they show up. I also want to do this with comments and bookmarks. So many things I want to improve! Need more hours in the day.

One other thing: diary exporting is offline at the moment, but will be back early next week. The devs are looking into moving that over to AWS (aka Amazon) to improve site performance even further.

Poor little Momo is wearing a cone today. He keeps chewing on his feets, so I got a special spray and a shamecone. He is very displeased with me right now, and keeps climbing into my lap:

Send hugs for the pupper.


thesunnyabyss September 08, 2018

thank you,
poor MoMo, we recently got a rescue dog named Morris who also gets called MoMo a lot, lol!

Camdengirl September 08, 2018

No - not the cone of shame! Maybe some booties?

josh Camdengirl ⋅ September 08, 2018

He has a few hotspots on his legs too :(

Gangleri September 08, 2018

What kind of cone wearer is he? Is he the droopy sad guy? Or is the one that doesn’t give a hoot and smacks into things?

NorthernSeeker September 08, 2018

The site is definitely feeling speedier. Thanks!

stargazing September 08, 2018

Thanks for all the hard work! Poor MoMo...the cone of shame!

girl in recession September 08, 2018


littlefallsmets September 08, 2018

Thank you for all your hard work!

GypsyWynd September 08, 2018

PB is noticeably speedier. Thanks!!
Poor Mochi! He looks so miserable in the Cone of Shame. Does he have allergies?
Noogie sends healing smooches.

Witchy Woman September 08, 2018

You're doing great!

Last year when our pup got spayed, she had a clear cone of shame. My daughter drew a bunch of dragons on it... She then wore it in pride. 😂 she stopped hanging her head low like she was upset she was stuck with a piece of plastic on her head & started smiling again.

Always Laughing September 08, 2018

Poor Mochi hopefully the spray helps.

Silverstar46 September 08, 2018

Aww, poop puppy! My MILs dog gets terrible hot spots and she goes from fluffy to hair gone and red all over. :(
Thanks for making us Speedy Gonzalez again!

Deleted user September 08, 2018

Thanks! Hugs for MoMo.

Deleted user September 09, 2018

All the hugs to the pupper!

Marg September 09, 2018

Thanks so much - much improvement!
Poor Mochi - he probably thinks you're just not very good at buying collars that fit😁

Cat Mommy September 09, 2018

It's still a bit sluggish for me.

Firebabe September 09, 2018

Definitely noticed the change in loading speed. Great work!

A Different Drum September 09, 2018

It feels twice as fast as it used to be.

Vivienne September 09, 2018

Seems to be loading quicker for me. :)

Mr. Mofo September 10, 2018

The look on Los Momo is making Los Mofo cry!

hot-lips September 11, 2018

The site is sooo much faster, thank you. :) Poor doggie, hope he gets to ditch the cone of shame soon. ;)

Park Row Fallout September 11, 2018

Poor adorable puppy... at least this Cone Of Shame is more stylish than a rigid plastic one.

Kristi1971 September 15, 2018

Thank you for all that you are doing! I love how your imagination works with the site!

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