Katrina at 13 Years in Poetry is the Window to the Soul...

  • Aug. 30, 2018, 9:57 p.m.
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“Circuits of the Past”

Some days feel like circuits of the past.

And the cosmic interface we all aspire to master feels less like a resolution to the inner machinations of our souls and more a desolation prize when harmony falls out of note.

There really is only room for conjecture – noise – when the world in which we exist offers nothing but mind-racing alternatives to the optimal stimulation of the sanctity that is solitude.

Stopping and breathing today seems as much a fool’s notion as the capacity to send your voice across the great ocean just one hundred years ago in one single moment. Would you offer yourself a swill of pride in such a choice?

Perhaps instead you would feel lost, disconnected.

Without a voice.

There is a sense of detachment we face with each passing transfer done with convenience as the prevailing goal, whereas simple fulfillment once was rendered from the very execution of the task once accomplished.

So tell me then where our minds tend to roam, when the filters we see through are less through our own mortal lens, but rather through those of electrically minded tomes?

All systems set to devour at max power, never to preserve.

We are creatures of decisions, tempered through comfortable habituation more and more than through the purest form of power we once sought with vociferous aggression – to learn.

The ease in which we acquire that which we did not possess a mere dozen winters before has left me wondering if perhaps the appreciation for that which we acquire has the same impact – the benefit of accomplishment – than merely the application of that note.

The world sings with such beautiful voices.

Distant. Different. Dynamic.

Burning on and on and on.

And yet sometimes – just sometimes – she falls quiet.

Swollen power within her silence.

That is when I truly listen.

And I learn the most.

Brian Milici
August 30, 2018

Abdominal surgery number 1,948 done. Now for the leg..

Better Than Ezra tomorrow night. I’m Grateful.

Anyone get that?

Sunday Night. #25 LSU Tigers vs. #8 Miami Hurricanes

It’s on.

Geaux Tigers!

Speaking of Hurricanes..

My beautiful city 13 years ago today.. alt text

And her today.. alt text

Video of the The Dome Reopens


I never shall.

This is how we remember..

New Orleans this year is 300 Years Old.

We should all age so well.

May you always find your smile.

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