Gencon and the mother unit. in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • July 11, 2018, 11:16 p.m.
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Oh look its me again.

Gencon is in 3 weeks. I might have to scrape by but i’m gonna go (TLDR, sale of the house is in limbo, money owed to me is in house money, ill get it but it might be a bit later, although i’m thinking the sale will be soon.)

But thats not the concern,

Its the mother unit.
She’s basically moved here now, She cannot stay out at the house cause its beyond too much and she’s been having a few health issues…

That being said, she had a small breathing attack today (Something happened with her tubing and she was having a hard time for like 10 minutes)

I have no idea what ill do if something happened to her while I was away. And she would throw things at me if I said i’d cancel my trip cause of her. I dunno, I guess I fret too much. She never over does it so thats good but still. Her age and her condition is showing more by the day.

I’m just ranting, origins last month was very flat. I fear Gencon will be too. I dunno. Maybe its the depression, maybe its just me, fortunately, so far even at gencon there hasn’t been much ZOMG I NEED stuff (a 20 dollar expansion for terraforming mars, and maybe the new clank in space expansion) So thats good, but blah. I’m rambling.


DevilishlyInnocent July 11, 2018

Catleesi July 12, 2018

Sorry to hear about your Mom's health issues. I hope you go to Gencon and rock it! :)

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