So damn tired in I decided to delete and start my diary new

  • July 11, 2018, 6:58 a.m.
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My mom decided she didn’t want dad to see her bank accounts so she sends her bank mail to my address. Talan and I found a check for her in my p.o. box from the bank. She handed it to dad he lost it but swears to God he put it in the bank. I had to hear my mom for an hour and a half argue it was my check. It had her name on it! She angry and taking it out on me dad lost it. She swore I took the check back and cashed it. I told her go to the bank see if it even made it to the bank. I wouldn’t steal from her. I bet it’s lost in the house!

Talan stayed up all night playing videogames. We got in a fight this morning because I asked him to turn off the game while I slept. He said it’s unfair for him to be punished cause I am sleeping. Well it’s unfair I work to pay all the bills while he stays home.. That’s life.

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