Ezra in Love and loss

  • June 13, 2018, 10:19 a.m.
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Three years ago I was in elementary school and I met this kid named Ezra. He wasn’t the traditional kid at your school. With Ezra from the moment you met him you were destined to be friends for life. He was so funny he would make you laugh until you had to go to the hospital (true story). He was always playing the “girl” in the game and it was funny. One day he came up to me and said I’m going to be a girl and I said “ok… how are you going by that”. And he said with a huge smile on his face “Well a sex change of course” we laughed for a while and then we had a serious talk about how he actually wanted this. We had a kind of pac about how we were never going to leave each other. Until I broke the pact I moved to Tucson. He never seemed sad or depressed. Until one night around 11:30 pm i got a call from his mom. She was in tears and she said that the ambulance was on the way and that Ezra took her meds and ate them all. This was 9 months ago. Hey buddy I love and miss you I’m so sorry I broke our promise R.I.P Ezra

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