Venting in Adventures of New baby and family

  • June 12, 2018, 8:54 p.m.
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I am a person that keeps to myself. I don’t really vent to anyone. That is what diaries like this are for. I don’t have anyone to talk to to vent about life. I have been through my fair share of bumps in the road. My last post… maybe I am crazy… Today the hormones reached is peek and I’m cool as a cucumber mentally.

I have a friend that pissed me off…
She has MS and most of the time she is by herself not doing anything. She’s got time on her hands to sleep and nap the day away. Then there’s me. mother of 3 and she seems to think I can spent hours talking to her. She made me mad and turned it on me. Anytime I confronted her on what upset me she turned it back on me.

Here’s what she wrote:

I’m sorry that upset you but that upsets me too cause you get mad at me every time and I never say anything, I love your boys and I’ve never said or felt otherwise and sometimes I feel like you need to bitch at someone so u take it out on me but I never had an issue with them being around .

I was upset for a few reasons.... A friend died a few weeks ago . I was there when she passed. MY SO other went into the psych ward because of psych problems and they let him out too early. I’m dealing with trying to get my 16 yr old PDDNOS, Asperger’s, intellectually disabled whatever son services in a world that doesn’t think he needs any. Switching from cable to Fios. and dealing with a testy toddler. Not that she knows. She wanted me to drop everything and talk to her about her depression and I was spent emotionally and physically . I tried explaining I couldn’t ....she took it as I needed to bitch. The I love your boys was I told her what it was like having a toddler and why spending hours on the phone was undo able. She asked me if I gave everybody the toddler lecture. Grrr

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