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  • April 16, 2018, noon
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This last week has been hard on me, I had to write 2 major letters, one to Texas Parole board in regards to my ex husband wanting to get out on parole to “take care of business” in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and also a letter to the judge in New Mexico, in regards to his son murder sentencing on May 7th. I have been in communications with my step son Mom, we became great friends ever since I left my ex husband back in 2004! NOW that she has lost her only child, I have been helping her with getting people to write letters for the Judge to read before the sentencing date for Damian Hidalgo, 19, He shot JJ outside of Wells Park Community Center on November 27th, 2016, that was the worse day for his mom and for his family as well as my boys. I will never forget my son Chef’s eyes, I don’t see him cry much, but he was so close to his bro.
SO As I was saying I had written 2 page letter describing my relationship with my step son JJ and his family and how this effected all of us, and I hope the judge would consider a stiff sentence and not to look at his clean record, he shot my step son in the head 4 times in the head and what kind of demeanor would do that over a robbery!! I was told they want to give the kid a 6 year sentence over a murder, WHAT are you kidding me, let me ask this, why did the judge give my ex husband 25 year sentence for his 3rd DUI, because he deserved it, he kept getting out if he had a stiffer sentence he may have not gone out and keep on drinking, but geez for a kid to shoot a man in the head that is plan thinking and wanting to kill him, he deserves to be PUT away for more than 25 years. SO I am not understanding the system!!
SO I finally got it all in the mail today and its on its way, SO I pray that the judge will give this now 20 year old who shot my step son a stiff sentence and this will give me peace for his mom to grieve and let her health get back on track!! SHE has been so sick for so long, but she is a fighter. SHE Will WIN THIS!!

My ex does not need to come out of prison on parole and deal with this, I know he is grieving as well but he is bipolar and Schizophrenic, so he does not need to deal with the system or even be in New Mexico as JJ’s mom is in fear of her life from him as well, he as threatened her that he will “take care of business”, She gave the letter to the parole board and we both are on the victim program!! AS I have a restraining order on him as well and it still is in effect to today too.
SO the sentencing date is on May 7th, I don’t know if I will travel down there and give them all the support they need or stay home, it will depend on my finances and whats going on around here!!

Well today will be near 75 degrees, I am going to read some more and get off and open all these windows to air out my apt and get out, I might just take my dog out for a small hike today!!
Have a blessed day every one!!

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