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  • April 16, 2018, 10:31 a.m.
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life they will tell you
should be a spectacular something
not mundane and arcane
or just better than nuttin

tell me dear friend
yours justa a jumpin
and the bedroom scenario
has the boots be a bumpin

now mine sad to say
needs a big delete button
a little less thinking
an a whole lot more humpin

romance is nice
so the poets do say
but nothing compares
to a roll in the hay

shameful the truth
of the words I do tell
but the question it begs
which greater the hell

Linguistical Architect April 16, 2018


Linguistical Architect April 16, 2018

Sorry. That probably comes across as snubbing, but I was trying for considerate disagreement. I'm not really sure that bumping uglies is better than the romance part. Was what I was thinking.

invisible ink Linguistical Architect ⋅ April 16, 2018

Sorry A... sometimes I forget that folks who are kind enough to read my outbox here don't know I just throw literary turds around like a bored chimpanzee... I ask all here to understand I just smith words together like a blind man walking down a trail of words just to find an end which has little to do with the beginnings... actually in the real world sex is a trivial exercise in disappointments to come without intimacy, trust and ... romance... if sex is the fuel to a relationship.... most will run out of gas because the real engine parts are love, trust and honesty...

Linguistical Architect invisible ink ⋅ April 16, 2018

Oh. I will try to remember that, next time. Thanks.

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