• April 16, 2018, 8:43 a.m.
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Perhaps you’re one of the little kids
dreaming of becoming superheroes
saving the world
wherever they go

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
You could be popular
Life might be less cruel
Everyone would feel safer

You’d protect them from harm
Put the enemies in disarm
Still, forces of evil are there
ready for another scare

As time goes by
you begin to realise
it’s been a mere comfort
just to deal with the hurt

Once upon a time
perhaps you were one of them
gullible kids wanting to be the heroes
some glorious honour you’d love the most

reality’s turned you bitter
It’s forced you to wake up
and deal with a lot

Being a superhero has always been
nothing but a childish, utopian dream
because it’s just not good enough
if you can’t save everyone you love…


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