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  • April 16, 2018, 10:19 p.m.
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1.2 million estimated 8-2. We are looking at each one under a microscope. 2 of the 3 lines have been using them all weekend. Each day we ran maybe 400 modules. Each cell takes about 30 seconds to look over good. There are 6 stations set up in B area and the A area guys are running them while the machines that caused the issue are being worked on. 1.2 million.... that is roughly 21 days worth of cells(they have to be aged). The guys at the microscope stations caught up to us yesterday and had 12,000 prepped for us to run and after making a clean point we started loading them for a more automated process that should have gotten us through the rest of the day.... should have....

On the lines in C we are 200% checking. That means 2 sets of eyes. One doing the normal checks and one at the microscope. I have been manning the microscope for 3 days! On day 2 I was told about the 6 stations and how they only had 18 seconds to look at a cell.... NOPE! I knew they would miss something.... as well as several others.... that being said on day 3 the guy I was with (David Z.) was making notes on the bad ones in his head. Trying to figure out if he could identify them without a microscope. Thankfully he did because when we started running the ones that had “already been checked” the very first one had a leak. He turned the microscope back on and had a quick look. He made it KNOWN and we halted back to microscopes again. We found 11 more that were bad out of the “good” ones. They would get a little upset with us taking so long (roughly 30 seconds instead of the 18 they had given the A guys) but then we would find one. This place does a lot of Quantity over quality.... but this is huge.... this is super important. They are wasting money in trying to PUSH them out. There should be no time set. If you think you see something focus on that till you are sure it is nothing and for FUCK SAKE do it right the first time. I bent every cell to eliminate shadows. Most of the cells found would not have been found had I not done that. Jerry and Daniel (guy over maintenance) would come by and watch every now and then. I’d find one and they’d tell me the guys in A weren’t bending them.... some were some weren’t .... no way would they have found THAT one. It would be so clear it would raise eyebrows lol

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