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  • Feb. 4, 2014, 7:51 p.m.
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Hello again.

This week has started off rather awesomely. Yesterday morning I had an MRI to get nifty pictures taken of my brain for the appointment that I have with Dr. Veronica Chiang next Monday.

The MRI went absolutely smoothly, the IV tech even set up a line with only two jabs, which is a lot better than usual because those places are always cold and my veins hide like crazy when I'm cold. I laid down on the "bed" that slides in and out of the magnetic marvel and pretty much took a nap. The tech said I didn't move a muscle, so that was good. Sezzie took me back here to home and I went to work for the afternoon.

My coworkers were surprised and very glad that I decided to come in. I ate a turkey reuben with French fries (MRI's always make me hungry, maybe 'cause of the contrast or maybe it's just how my body handles those moments in my life) and then I got to work kickin' the dish-ass. I rocked it (of course), and I just felt really good all day. I'm taking that as a good sign that everything is going to be hunky-dory as far as my awesomely-cavernous donut of a brain is concerned.

Today rocked it, too. I've felt like a good husband, father, and employee, and have just in general been feeling very grateful for being able to live the life that I'm living.

This place is feeling better with every keystroke.

Love, peace, and bacon grease.


Meginsanity February 04, 2014

I'm glad the MRI went well!

Spinster February 04, 2014

I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. That lunch sounds fantastic!

Stephably February 05, 2014

Hey there you are. Yay! Glad your MRI went well. Take care.

Etoile Filante February 05, 2014

Fingers crossed for the MRI results honey xXx

Deleted user February 05, 2014

Glad the MRI was ok despite the hidden veins :) x

midnight radio February 05, 2014



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