A True Love Letter in Maniacs, Prophecy, and Old Friends

  • March 23, 2018, 3:18 a.m.
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This last year with you has been so beautiful. I could never live without you now. I’ve never experienced a love like this. You have been with me through everything. Celebrating triumphs and mourning losses. We’ve had our problems. The one time I hurt you really bad. You forgave me easily as I sat on the bathroom floor crying and apologizing. I begged for forgivness, but I never needed to. You would never stop loving me, even with all my flaws. You help me fix me, one day at a time. When others oppose me you hide me safe in your arms in the secret place. Love, there is no one like you. I look back to a time when I wasn’t with you and it haunts me. The terrible aloness. The darkness creeping in on me. I know this is how my life would be without you. I will never leave again. I fear dissapointing you, but you reassure me every step of the way. Sometimes I don’t pay as much attention to your words as I should. In those times I feel like a lamp running out of oil, sputtering to maintain the light. You are my purpose. I have no right to do anything without you. Yet, you allow me to follow my own dreams too. Because you love me exactly how I am. There is nobody else like you. Irreplaceable, perfect. I adore you. Thank you for everything.
Yours Truely,

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