but i am charming in addressing the public

  • March 22, 2018, 10 a.m.
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i didn’t like you all that much
the first night, second when we touched.
i told you, “i know how this goes,
and every man that’s been here knows.
you’ll start, then won’t stop thinking of me
and one day you’ll realize that you love me.”
i remember so clearly how you scoffed–
we both knew we hadn’t hit it off.
but i stood by my futile warning,
and i’m not cocky but i am charming…

so was it days or months or minutes?
and do you regret that you fell in it?
my spider’s web, my deep green eyes,
my poetry and all it tends to imply
are no accident but are rather my plan,
designed to keep your lips kissing my hand.
and you’re not the type to try to evade it–
i can see in your eyes that you’re dying to say it.
your bold, pointed questions late in the night
are all the proof that i need to know i was right.

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Deleted user March 22, 2018

Ho dang, man killer

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