Tested for endometriosis in Misadventures of West Virginia Woman

  • March 13, 2018, 6:16 a.m.
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Today i am getting an ultrasound. Doctor wants to get a look at my reproductive organs before deciding if i need to be tested for endometriosis or not. I have over 2 weeks of menstrual pains a month. It is so bad i have to call in and not work. I have severe pmdd.

Pain medicines do not work. I have mood swings, full body pain. I get suicidal everytime i pms. I just remind myself it is only hormones. I often cuss inanimate objects during this time of the month. After all they cant argue back.

If they cant fix this problem soon i am going to have my children i plan to have and get a hysterectomy. I shouldnt live this uncomfortably in my skin. No one deserves this punishment.

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