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  • March 12, 2018, 11:27 p.m.
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So, I woke up this morning and grabbed the clock . . . 7:54. Okay. I got dressed, made my bed (military indoctrination), and went in the house to put on the coffee. Mom said, “Why are you up early?” I said, “It is 8 o’clock”. And then I looked down at the stove clock . . . 7:05. Well shit. Since I’d already started the morning routine I went on with it.

My atomic clock sets itself. It was set on Mountain Time. It does take a day or so to set itself when Daylight Savings begins or ends. And that’s what happened. I switched it to Pacific Time. Arizona, except for the Navajo Nation, doesn’t fool with the nonsense of DST.

So yeah. an extra hour of reading before I went to the pool today.

I slept with the window open last night. Pretty damn sweet.

I’ve found someone to follow on the AT this year. Her youtube channel is ‘Amanda Bess’. I believe she’s going to make it. I’m still looking for someone to follow on the PCT. And Dixie (‘Homemade Wanderlust’) should be starting the CDT any day now, going for her Triple crown (AT 2015, PCT 2017 and CDT 2018).

I’m also following a dozen sailboats around the globe. And a half dozen rubber tramps. And a half dozen leather tramps (vehicle less travelers).

Such is my life.

Until I get Mom and I moving.

Yeah, that’s the plan anyway.

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