Remedial in Book Title.

  • Feb. 1, 2018, 10:56 p.m.
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Life has been unkind at times
and hope is hard to find but I’m
certain there’s a reason we keep on.
Between you and me,
I think,
there’s electricity moving
thru faulty curcuitry

Yes, I’m certain there’s a reason we keep on

A spark in the dark let’s you see where you are

A spark on a cold night keeps you warm

The fire in your eyes
My god! have you seen it
captivating me
Your soul houses many strange things

Dancing in those flames, writhing with the pain
I peep thru your windows and I see

I hope you can see the same in me

I certain there’s a reason
We keep on.

I burn burn burn
(bad circuitry)
I keep on loving you
You burn burn burn
(faulty wiring)
You keep on loving me
We burn burn burn
We keep on
The strangest
Most beautiful
Ghosts and dreams
In the flames of us
Maybe it’s dangerous

But I can’t blink

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