I never thought I could feel this way. in Single life

  • Jan. 12, 2018, 5:19 p.m.
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I never thought I would feel the need for someone… I never thought I would feel like I’m no one with out someone. It is crazy how one human can feel so in complete with out another human.
Why do I crave this? I crave touch, support, and the feeling of being looked after, and I mean mentally looked after not financially.
How do you meet people? New people?
I have tried internet dating and it is not for me. I’ve tried numerous times probably like 15 times actually.
Why does everything have to be online? Why can we not just bump into the love of our life’s in Asda? How easy would that be? Too easy.
I’ve had a couple of bad relationships in my past… but I’ve been on my own for three.nearly four years, and I’m glad I have done… I have learnt a lot about myself, I’ve bettered myself and I know what I want in a partner and will not settle for anything less. I know my worth, and I think those are valuable lessons learnt and only learnt by being alone. But I have learnt all them lessons now, I needed that time but now it’s time for something new/ someone new.

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