Doctorate in Poetry and President of the United States of Love in Book Title.

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I masturbate to yer profile pic often
Why have you forsaken me?
I wonder when you start some trouble does your heart soften
Do you sigh ghosts or is that just the wind?
If I die first before we meet again
We know the cause of death already well
To my death certificate amend
If you go first baby, you take my love
When I get to hell I want it back

So it should read:
official death certificate
Penelope Trout
small Jewish woman
time of death 4:20
cause of death
one of these days, you’re gonna die laughing!
Today’s date
It’s one of those days

Special notes: heart was black,
lungs were black
liver looks like swiss cheese
if it wasn’t a heart attack
then it certainly seems
just as likely in either event,
any of these inflamed organs could have gotten sick of being treated like shit , day in day out , always under heel at the heart’s throne, maybe the devil advocated for the heart’s pain and it was a mercy killing
any of those organs could’ve killed her
my professional opinion
on the record
(in rhyme)
I bet it was life
With a cloudy head
I bet it was life
But she clowned instead
I bet it was life
And she aced the papers
Knowing they changed all the questions
And life probably got her
For never giving up
Because life always gets us
Unless we get ourselves
This young lady laughed at her fears failures divorced status children hanging in the balance not to mention she’s an addict known to go with pitbull neck and horse cock and gorilla chest kinda men that only want to use her sin and she laughs at the eyes and the impressions of the thoughts she becomes
She laughed when she felt shame because that was before booze rotted the shame out of her liver
She was young and thought she knew everything then so she laughed a little now and said a blessing for the liquor
She poured one out for her homies on the other side
She was preceded in death by everyone who ever died
And she laughed
Who knows? Could have been her funny bone.
Nobody ever blames it on the skeleton.
I’d like to imagine
If the spine degrades the muscle of the back
Its possible the funny bone could take the heart in a sneak attack
A girl like that has funny bones like dinosaur femurs
That could dethrone the heart, leave the kingdom in ruins
I’ve never seen a case of heart attack by funny bone before
In conclusion
In my opinion
Nothing happens when you die
O ya
Almost forgot
If you go first baby, you take my love
When I get to hell I want it back

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