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  • Dec. 5, 2017, 9:06 a.m.
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I’m really dragging these days. Deep chest congestion and the antibiotic is only helping a little. I slept 11 hours on Sunday and had no trouble falling asleep that night (was sure I would). I just feel crummy and will spare you the graphic descriptions. I caught it from my husband who caught it from a guy who was working on the same jobsite he was.

In the meantime, work is kicking our behinds. We finished (maybe) a job that’s been a stinker from start to finish. It started out as a $30K bid. They cut the project until it was just a $3K project of hanging doors, which turned into a TWO WEEK project (delays on their part). We took it in stride. They gave us another small project of installing door locks. Well, when we finished up that day, my husband left the keys in the door and one set is missing. The supervisor is livid that we did not hand him the keys. We couldn’t. He’d left for the day. So he’s having a hissy fit and I’m sick as a dog and don’t need it.

No need to tell me what should or should not be done. We’ve counted it as a loss from start to finish.

Now we’re tying up the next project for our best customer, building medical office buildings and we’re running about a week late so the customer after that isn’t happy. We aren’t, either, but finding helpers has been challenging. Kyle said he’d come but then backed out, saying his back was still bad (why promise to come then?). Emilio just didn’t show, despite numerous calls and promises that he’d be there “tomorrow”. The others didn’t show, either, and we need more skills than day laborers can give us. We DO have Allen, but it’s not enough. The job finishes tomorrow, thank goodness. It’s been a tough row to hoe.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Christmas preparations have not been challenging this year, for which I am grateful right now, considering my health. Now I’m heading back to bed and will check in later. My best advice to you: STAY AWAY FROM SICK PEOPLE!!!

GypsyWynd December 05, 2017

Sorry you're sick. I hope you start feeling better soon.
What is it with people? Doesn't anyone want to work?

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ December 05, 2017

They want top dollar and will only work long enough to pay bills, then they quit, oftentimes without so much as a good-bye. If you tell them to stop texting, they walk off the job. One of these days the economy is going to tank and they'll remind us that they "worked for you when you needed them". Memory is selective.

GypsyWynd ConnieK ⋅ December 05, 2017

And you can remind them of the "quality" of their "work"

ConnieK GypsyWynd ⋅ December 05, 2017

LOL! They don't care!

QueenSuzu December 05, 2017

Feel better soon. Have a hot toddy.

ConnieK QueenSuzu ⋅ December 05, 2017


Chic Chat December 06, 2017

I hope you feel better soon. Rest is good for ya 😁

Ugh, work situation sounds like the last thing you need right now.

ConnieK Chic Chat ⋅ December 06, 2017

Thanks. This is a tough infection.

a mote, floating December 06, 2017

Sorry about the double-whammy of work woes and nasty bug. Sending strong healing vibes!

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ December 06, 2017

Thanks, mote. I'll take all the healing I can get.

Ferret Mom December 14, 2017

That sounds miserable. I guess it's a good thing prepping for Christmas isn't going to be too crazy with you feeling this way.

ConnieK Ferret Mom ⋅ December 14, 2017

Yeah. A less intense holiday prep HAS made things easier on me.

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