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  • Oct. 17, 2017, 2:53 p.m.
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Do you prefer boys to shave down there?
Yes, I do, makes it less troubling than having to choke down pubes. Trimming is fine too

Do you prefer liquid, mousse or powder foundation and why?
I think I have only ever used liquid of some sort. can’t say i’ve tried the mousse or powder

How much does your mother know about your sex life, or lack thereof?
Well, she knows everything now, but she did walk in on us one time

Do you enjoy watching cooking shows?
Yes, all the time

Do you worry about gaining weight?
Kind of, I will be talking to my Rheumy about the prednisone next week. All my other numbers are good, just my weight is a problem

Have you ever used fake tanner?
I had this stuff I got from Influenster one time, I think it was a Sally Hansen product. worked pretty well, but I don’t need a fake tan lol

How do you organize your make-up?
All the stuff I use regularly is on my desk in a small plastic basket. Everything else is in my big caboodle box my MIL (or BIL, don’t remember) bought me for Christmas last year.

Do you ever look at someone cute and automatically make a move?
Kind of, I guess. I’m going off of AFF here, so if I see someone that’s attractive and sounds like someone I might be interested in, i’ll send a flirt or something, see if they respond to it. Most of the time they don’t.

How many times have you been to Walmart in the past week?
Once or twice

Have you ever seen the movie “A Walk to Remember” and was it cliche or worth watching?
Yeah I’ve seen it and it’s very....early 2000’s lol. Not my kind of movie really

What’s one reason you go to a pharmacy regularly?
To get the drugs!!!

Do you live in a house, apartment or another type of arrangement?
House....manufactured home

Are you kind of a loner and do you like being alone?
I have my moments where I just don’t want to deal with anyone, but I get tons of alone time and it’s not something I would do all the time

What’s one event your town has that you don’t like to participate in?
Hmmm....I’m not sure. Nothing stands out right now. There’s so much shit that goes on throughout the year, we try to go to all the things, but there’s A LOT. I never understand when people say that there’s nothing to do in Tucson. Just go outside maybe.

Are any of your siblings married and if so, what’re their spouse’s names?
Matt is Married to Sharla and Andrew is engaged to Fran.

Do you hate nosy people who ask too many personal questions?
No because if they think they can handle my answers, I’m not afraid to give them

Does your father have any creepy or scary friends you don’t like?
not that I am aware of lol

What color are the walls in the room you’re in right now?
Ugly cream color. bleh

Do you watch any shows that you know your parents wouldn’t approve of?
Not really

Do you have any siblings who still believe in Santa and are over age ten?
I mean, we all know Santa is our parents, but whatever, Santa is Santa

What color were the last pair of headphones or earphones you bought?
Blue. It’s been a while since I bought any though

What venue was the last real concert you went to at?
That would be The Rialto for Social D

Do your best friend and their mom have the same last name?
Yes, they do.

When was the last time you watched a horror movie and what was it?
Damn, I don’t even know

Does your mom think Robert Pattinson from Twilight is attractive?
I doubt it. lol. Randy asked her one time why she didn’t like Tom Petty....her thoughtful response (she literally thought about for a minute or so) was “I don’t know, he’s ugly.”

What color’s your cell phone?

Are you currently waiting for a phone call and if so, from whom?
Noperdoodles. It’s almost midnight and phone calls at this time are never good

Do you have any drugs in your bedroom?
They are not in my bedroom. Well technically, I have “medication” in the bedroom. All my pills, but my “drugs” (i.e. weed) is in the kitchen and back porch

Is there a feature on your face that people compliment you on?
My boring ass brown eyes. and my butt

What’re your plans for the rest of the week?
Laundry, cleaning, resting for the driving week

Have you taken your license test yet?
I took it back in 2003

Are you annoyed with the side-bang phase?
I didn’t know that was a thing

What kind of perfume do you mainly use?
Lucky You, some Gucci perfumes I got back about 5 years ago lol

How many studded belts do you own?
I don’t own any belts, but I need to get one

Has your significant other ever had braces?
I don’t believe so

If you could get one piercing and one tattoo, where would you want them?
If I were to get any piercing it would be the daith, just to see if it might help with the migraines, but I doubt it. Since mine are caused by the nerve issue in my face, I’m afraid it would just make things worse. My next tattoo is going to be a green carnation with my mom’s initials.

What have you eaten today?
I had TOO MUCH coffee this morning/afternoon. Then I had ramen and chile con queso

What was the last thing you dissected in a science class?
Wow, that was like eons ago. But I can only remember a pig heart

Have you ever experienced being in love?

What’s your favorite thing to do?
I really like being in the water.

Have you ever drawn a portrait of somebody and if so, who?
YES! I need to find it next time I’m at my dad’s. I drew Joey Fatone like 15 years ago lol. It was terrible

Did you wear a jacket today?
No, because it was 96 fucking degrees out

Where did you buy the last album you purchased?
I bought AFI’s Blood Album from Zia Record Exchange

What’s your best class in school?
English, culinary

What was the last kind of vitamin water you consumed?
I think it was the fruit punch one. I don’t recall. Been a long ass time

How many times a week are you told that you’re beautiful?
Like 53682 at least. By many people. But they’re just trying to get in my pants. I know some of them are sincere, like Randy. But he doesn’t really say it that often. Not that I care if he does or not. He compliments me all the time, just doesn’t do it in that way.

How many years apart are you and your significant other?
A year and a half. I’m older.

Have you kissed more than two people of the same sex?
I’ve kissed the same woman several times, as well as maybe one or two others

How many times have you had sex in one day?
Well if we’re talking 24 hour period, it’s been 2 “today”. But otherwise just one.

Did you exercise at all today?
I guess you could kind of say that. Had a 2 hour romp in the sheets with the Security guy (entry to come later lol)

Who’re you planning to hang out with this weekend?
Who knows. I doubt we’re doing anything this particular weekend

When are you getting a new phone?
Next month probably. Just need to find the right one

What was the last show you almost went to but didn’t?
Hmmm....I’m not sure. I want to go to Fall Ball this weekend but that’s a nope unless either of us wins tickets on the Radio.

What did you wear today?
Jeans and a shirt lol like every other day

What book are you currently reading?
I need to finish reading 100 Years of Solitude once and for all. This book has been the bane of my existence. I CANNOT finish it. I literally started reading it my Senior Year of High School and I get to this one spot in it and it just kind of stagnates for me. That’s where I’m at, yet again. Need to push through and finally just read it lol

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