A New Chapter in Work/School issues/accopmlishments

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  • Aug. 21, 2017, 10 p.m.
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So much has happened since I last logged on here. Half the time I can’t even remember the name of this website lol. I can’t believe how many changes I have gone through and how much I have grown as a person.
The Homestead: I was looking to buy a new house for over a year. In October (I believe) I had put an offer in on a house and it was accepted. The landlord wanted me to sign a new lease and since I had this offer on the table I didn’t want to sign the lease just to possibly break it. I explained that to the landlord and he insisted on advertising to find a new tenant immediately. I begged him not to do that in case it didn’t work out with the house but in typical dickhead fashion… I quickly needed to find a new place to live just as it was starting to get cold. I don’t know, but kicking out a single mom with two kids who has been an ideal tenant for years in favor of filling your own pockets just seems like an ass move to me. Either way, dealing with that and some major bs at work, it gets revealed that Lou has been cheating on me. Now I am borderline homeless, stressed out in major scary ways at work and heartbroken. By the Grace of God, I get into a new apartment and just deal with what I need to at work and lick my wounds. To call that a rough patch in my life would be an understatement to say the least.
After many ups and downs in the house hunting, however, I finally found a really good house and we made the move this summer. It was a stressful process but oh so rewarding.
Speaking of the Grace of God, I am also starting my own business. I will be doing that along side my full time job. I need that steady income while I’m getting started. I am so excited about this though. I really can’t wait. I am setting myself up so that I can get a steady income flow so that eventually I can let go of this full time job that is thankless and soul crushing.
I am enjoying the new house so much I can’t even believe how happy I am about that!!
With that said, I feel so weird about what’s going on with my heart. I have been so hurt and moody frequently. I strongly do not want another relationship… ever. This feeling is just so new to me, I don’t quite understand it. I have never not wanted a relationship/man in my life. It almost hurts how hardened I have become. I am also feeling very rejected by my family and friends who seem to have shown no interest in my house. I cant believe it. My friends did help me move in which was a big deal to me and I wanted to throw a party for them to say thank you. They all knew about it. Not one person showed up for it… not one :( My sisters haven’t made any attempt to come see it… some I haven’t even heard from. It’s been a month now… not a peep. Maybe I’m just being a little bit sensitive but I’m still kind of hurt none the less. Oh well, now it’s out there and I can just move on. I will focus my attention to my kids and my business and not worry about people who don’t worry about me. Good things ahead.

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