Old Nemesis in Maniacs, Prophecy, and Old Friends

  • July 17, 2017, 10:08 a.m.
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Now I know what’s coming for you.
It’s him.
My old enemy.
He has so many names.
The deciever masquerades as a mentor.
A dealer.
A friend.

He knew about you long before you came along.
Summoned both your girls.
To kill us.
He wasn’t there.
He knew better.

Ran at the sight of me.
Don’t trust him.
Can’t you feel the darkness around him?
Ask God for guidance.

He will kill her.
And you will never know.
Might even blame yourself.
He came to destroy.
He knows the names of the demons.

He is a great deciever.
Do not trust in yourself.
You need the light
To see demons in the dark.

Do not accept gifts.
They are not as free as he says.
He does not love you.
He needs you.
He will kill you.

He was so excited.
When he felt my energy for the first time.
His little dog recieved so much praise.
For bringing me to him.
To play with.

Do not believe his lies.
Do not look in his eyes.
I am afraid for you.
But soon I may have to leave.
To prepare.

The battle is coming.
Please, keep your Bible handy!
Speak the name of Jesus with pride.
Never stop praying.
He is coming.
He is already here.

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