Monday Morning Part 2 in New Diary

  • July 17, 2017, 8:13 a.m.
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I’ve been going over my credit card transactions. Balance is pretty high but not as bad as last month. I bought a lot of books this months a total of six. I spent $54.94 on books alone. I did manage to cut down on subs. I ordered from Fox’s twice spending $39,12. I went to Tudors a lot . I spent $43.88 going there three times. I spent a total of $31.78 I used the credit card on the 3rrd at Wal Mart. I spent $51.27 on groceries. Then I spent $14.87 at Dollar General . I got a $20 cash advance from my bank which cost me $10 I guess I used that credit card way too much this month. I was not going to use it at all. I shouldn’t have bought so many books. But they are hard to resist.

Just sitting here waiting for my worker to come. I hope she comes today. I need to get to Wal Mart. I want to pick up a few more grocery items.

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