Photobucket in Just in Case

  • July 17, 2017, 2:26 a.m.
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Well, I got the email this evening. I’m being blocked from “certain features” due to excessive 3rd party hosting. First of all, that’s a joke, lol. I don’t post tons of pictures, but I knew it was coming, everyone else has been getting it. I made the move to Imgur for now, we’ll see how it holds up.
I’m waiting on the phone to ring. Technically we aren’t supposed to go up to school until tomorrow, so a bunch of us will be there in the morning, but Jess and I are sneaking up tonight. (I know at least one more will be also, but we’ll all be careful, lol). I was hoping to have most of this week to get things done, but days are vanishing quickly. I love being able ot be there for others, as I will on Wed and Thurs (and possibly Tues), but I need to get stuff done. lol

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