Exodus and the Nature of God and People in Maniacs, Prophecy, and Old Friends

  • June 11, 2017, 9:46 p.m.
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So I finished Exodus recently. Two things that really stuck in my mind the most: God’s people were really quick to turn away from him in the absence of a leader… Over and over and over… Sure we see this behavior alot these days but these days we don’t see God turning water into blood or leading us with a supernatural pillar of fire. Perhaps we downplay the miracles we do see. We say it’s just coinsidence or that there must be some other explanation. Just a thought.

The second thing was that when Moses went back up the mountain a second time God said he was angry. That he wanted to kill them all, but Moses convinced him otherwise. Then God said he would not kill them but that he could not dwell with them or his anger would cause him to kill them. This leads to some important conclusions: God, just like us gets jealous and angry and has to control himself by walking away from people who have upset him. That’s huge! We really were built in his image. The second point is that Moses was able to effect what he decided to do. This means that God not only listens to us but is willing to negotiate. He cares about what we want, even ig maybe it’s not the best thing. He loves us.

Alot of people read the Old Testament and see fire amd brimstone. They see people being stoned to death and becoming cannibals and you know what? There’s alot of aweful things in there. Why? Because it’s a true story. Things get aweful here on earth. People expect God to push a button and make things all better, but what would our lives mean without freewill? Without consequences? Yes, bad things happen. Terrible things. We learn from them. This world can be terrible, but its alot less lonely with God in your life. And thanks to him sacraficing his only son for us, it won’t be terribke afterwards.

That’s what I’ve taken from this story. A little about the nature of God and a little about the nature of people. A few interesting points though. All the priests in Exodus were from the tribe of Levi. I wonder if the best ones still owe their gifts to the bloodline of Levi? Scary thought. Levi and Simeon were the wrathful, judhmental one weren’t they? Or maybe that was just Simeon. I found the recipe for annointing oil and incense interesting and the design of the holy robes. Did you know that the golden calf was not invented by God’s wayward people? Idols of calves were found predating that time. The calf was an ancient pagan God. I wonder if it’s the same one Indians hold sacred today?

I heard a letter would be coming Saturday, or yesterday and that it was good news. I hope you won’t be leaving for too long. I will miss you. Bet that Lasagna tasted as good as it looked.

Hello you. Girl with long hair reading this. It would be welcome if you’d like to make yourself known. I already know you are reading this. It is public anyway.

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