Thoughts for the Jacobs of the World in Maniacs, Prophecy, and Old Friends

  • June 4, 2017, 8:30 a.m.
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God likes new things. He says this. So why would he seek firmly to repeat the past? Especially one which is riddled with human error. Jacob was not supposed to have two wives. He could not be satisfied with what God gave him. It always works out in God’s favor but there was definatly alot of defiance against God in the Old Testament.

People assume that this story is about the twelve tribes, but not much detail is given about the 12 until the death of Jacob and his blessings. This story is an obvious warning against adultery, even consensual adultry. And perhaps also a warning against Idoltry.

Alot of people name their sons Jacob. What would it mean to be like Jacob? His namesake? Let’s do as parents do and look only for the positive… Jacob was very clever, a shrewd negotiator. Although fair, Jacob always works business in his favor. He is patient. And respectful to not only his family but strangers as well. He follows the voice of God. He always does what his mother says even when it is wrong. He goes to an extreme to right his wrongs when he steals from his brother. He tries to make his wives happy and is somewhat subserveant to their needs and wants, within reason. He raises his sons to be hardworking and tries to avoid violence and conflict with other people. Despite his many sins and continuous adultery against Leah, overall he is a good man. I think if someone wanted their son to be like Jacob, this is what they mean. We all make mistakes, big ones even. We sin. But if we try hard to do what is right and to be good people, in the end, we don’t come out too bad.

If a prophecy is real then it will always come true. You cannot make it happen how you want. You cannot fuck it up. You can fuck up your life trying to achieve things for the wrong reason but you will not fuck up a prophecy if it is real. As a person who sees the future, you should not be so concerned with making sure it ill come out right. It is in God’s hands. He will always work things to his plan and in his favor no matter what.

In the Old Testament people were married in order to produce children. While that is still true, many new things have come since then and the story has changed. People can choose whom they mary. The idea is to pick out someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with, even when they make you angry. Even when things don’t go right, you still care. Sometimes you may want to kill them yourself! But if you love them you find a way to calm down and be there for them forever. Women have equality now. They are no longer seen as property. They are now as useful as a man and entitled to the same rights and responsibilities. Children are less likely to die, you don’t need to have 12 to ensure the continuation of your family line. Generally one will do, most people go for 2 or 3. If you really love children you may want more, but imagine trying to provide for 12! We no longer travel like shepherds, self sufficient in all our resources. The world is well populated. We rely on our community to help us, but the cost and the quarel of such a relaxed lifestyle comes at a price.

The Bible doesn’t mention Jacob’s other daughters. Only Dinah is mentioned by name. At the time, women did not have the same rights or the same purpose as men like they do today. In the age of equality, I have to wonder how many other daughters Jacob had. It says when Joseph is sold into slavery that his sons and daughters tried to comfort him. How many daughters? Ah well I suppose we will never know. I just find it curious.

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