What have God's People Done?! in Maniacs, Prophecy, and Old Friends

  • June 3, 2017, 6 a.m.
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I came to a very troublesome realisation today. People are reacting very badly to any sign of God at all. It is not just the rosary around my neck. I pull out a Bible or mention God or praying at all and people just shut off, or they get scared, or even angry. I met one girl who was saying baptists are crazy. All the while she was clinging to her baptist friend… How could she not realise?

The thing is suddenly God has a bad reputation. It’s not just atheists bashing us on facebook, God’s own people have done much of the damage. They say they are christians and then they do not follow God’s most basic commands. Modern christians as a whole have become hateful, prideful, conceited, judgmental. I’m not saying all of us are, but alot of them are though. And it’s very public. They are pushing people away from God. God is supposed to be about love, but these people rain down hate in the name of God. I believe that soon God will punish them. Dramatically and publicly perhaps. What a great slander of God they are commiting! I could never abide this behavior and yet I have known it as well as anyone. Isn’t that how I was pushed away to begin with? It is not our job to judge and punish sins! Leave that to God. It is our job only to love people and lead by example.

Slowly the true believers are rising from ashes and dark places. We come from the very worst back into the light to lead the people. When the great blasphemous temples fall we will be there to pick up the pieces and save people. We will start anew with a greater love for our brothers. Set a better example.

God guard my mind and soul that I may lead properly and never fall prey to the sins and traps of these predecessors. Make me an example of your love! Make me strong, faithful, loving, and true! I give myself to you to mold as you see fit. My strongest deaire is to make a positive impact on every life I touch, however briefly. Grant me this. Show me how to be your light. The time has come for Black Sheep to become shepherds. I pray that I will be good enough to lead when my time comes that others may know the peace and love that I’ve been given.

Shadow has moved on to a new place, but has the demon left? Or does he inhabit another?

There were dark ones crawling through the crowd today. They were targetting children! I know this band is going to do something powerful. Why else would the demons come for them? Sometimes I wonder if it’s real or a product of my mind. God will lead me regardless. I am scared for the children though. My child has been seeing a ‘monster ghost’ on his ceiling at night. He’s very afraid of it. I told him to tell the monster ‘Jesus said go away!’ and he would leave.

A question I have been pondering lately: Does God punish children for the sins of their parents? It seems backward to me. The book I’m reading suggests as much. The Old Testament does too. But what of the new testament? I ask that God give me the knowledge to understand thing such as this and the memory to hold onto what I’ve learned. Alot of questions. I need to make sure to also record the answers!

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