Reality check in Sparkly Springtime (April onwards) 2017

  • June 2, 2017, 1:47 a.m.
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WHERE: currently on the sofa, Hank Zipser is on tv. It’s a show written by Henry Winkler, originally a series of books, about growing up dyslexic. Although the books are set in the US, the tv show is English but Henry Winkler has a part as the ex-rock-star music teacher. Lila is sitting next to me wearing a minion onsie and a straw trilby that has green palm trees on it. She’s eating chocolate cereal with no milk which does feel that she’s just having candy for breakfast!! Amba has started going in and out of the new window but Oreo is still unsure about it! Oh, new windows. Those of you on Facebook will have seen my new windows, porch and door. There are a couple of final jobs that will need to be done due to a little damage caused to the ceiling and the wrong sized window being made for the dining room. It should be less than an hour of work to do. But last night Rich couldn’t get the cats in and was getting veeeery grumpy with them. I suggested they may want the door to be opened as it’s a new window… they came straight in the door.

Anyway, I’m going to move to the bathroom shortly.

WEARING: black, Lycra© Capri length running tights, black, Lycra© cross backed running vest and a big, baggy grey hoodie with a heart on the front made up of lots of bicycles. This is my favourite, comfy, go-to hoodie for feeling at home and safe.

FITNESS UPDATE: well, I went for a run this morning but didn’t go as far as planned - this was due to a sudden and great need to poo from just over 2kms. It’s lucky I wasn’t doing fartlek as it would have been shartlek!! 😂😂😂 I managed another four kilometers but it was touch and go a few times..! My fitness levels are at the highest ever, with the ability to run double digit miles, swimming weekly etc… I have ordered a fitness tracker although I don’t really believe in them, I’ve signed up to a step challenge with the group of friends with whom I often do running challenges. This challenge is based on the quantity of steps taken per day so i need something to record my steps…

IN THE NEWS: Trump, May, Corbyn, Trump, May, Corbyn… Who cares more about The People and which people they care about it. Who can prove it and how much their proof is based on reality versus fantasy. Trump, of course, has decided the environment can go fuck itself so that Big Business can carry on ruining this planet for our children’s and grandchildren’s generations. And we’re going to keep fighting Isis who want us to fight in order to use the West’s bombs as fuel for recruitment propaganda proving that the original intention of the planes in new York, the bombs in London and around Europe are still having their desired effect - that of causing fear and hatred therefore fuelling the hatred that is circling the globe, creating more attacks from us to them, from them to us which is causing more fear and hatred.

READING: I’ll Sell You a Dog by Juan Pablo Villalobos. It’s about a retired taco seller who’s trying to make life a little more exciting around his retirement community.

ACTIVITIES TODAY: dentist at 11:15, window fitter to do the last couple of jobs and, if there’s time, go to town to pick up my new hiking sandals. Rich and I were supposed to be going to see Slowdive tonight but couldn’t get a babysitter. To be honest, we’d agreed that I wouldn’t go to this one but he had completely obliterated that from memory so bought two tickets and I only found out a few days ago! Anyway, he’s going by train now while I stay with the girls. I may even watch a movie!

THINKING ABOUT: I don’t know, because we’ve been in the house the half term has felt very fast. I’m very happy with the windows but that feels a little too grown up!! I still haven’t been to the bathroom and I’ve watched an episode of Blue Peter too, in which Lindsey had a goatee of bees. I really need to go now though, I stink of post running yuckness!

PLANNING: I don’t know, i just have a low level feeling of unease, that I want to make plans but I don’t know what…

~Twinkle~ June 02, 2017

Hate that after run yucky feeling but also so hard to move once you have sat down!

ermentrude ~Twinkle~ ⋅ June 02, 2017

Actually, I'm okay to be honest. I was just comfy and watching tv with my girls ☺

Deleted user June 02, 2017

I know that feeling of unease about making plans :-)

thesunnyabyss June 02, 2017

I prefer to shower after exerting myself like that, although I cannot run, but the other stuff I do when I am not dying, lol,

you paint such a cozy picture of your home life,

have a fabulous weekend!!

Deleted user June 03, 2017

I know what you mean about planning

Deleted user June 03, 2017

I know what you mean about planning

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