Beauty Rant. in Sparkly Springtime (April onwards) 2017

  • May 28, 2017, 12:10 p.m.
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On a Facebook page I’m on (to which I was added by a friend), all about exercise, one of the ladies opened up about her low body confidence. I just thought I’d share here, what I wrote there (which also caused ladies in various parts of the country to listen to a certain band!)

Bloody media - all these expectations of beauty are slammed in our faces day and night - in magazines, on t.v. and in movies. Billboards, the internet, porn. All of it has these unrealistic concepts of beauty and no matter how much we understand, it’s still there under our skin; in our psyche. My mum was a yo yo dieter, claiming it must be healthy as her Weight Watcher’s leader (who had to retain goal to keep her job) got ME. I was encouraged to go with her in my early 20s but the rebel in me didn’t like being told what to eat by the pompous lady.

It took me a long time to come to terms with my body with it’s high waist (think Simon Cowell), slightly bulbous belly (caused by a huge fibroid), my slightly larger nose etc… but do you know what? I’ve got a gorgeous arse!! Seriously, in the mid/late 90s I heard this song and it started the change in the way I feel about myself -

We can say all we like but you have to learn to love you for all that you are. Xx

Deleted user May 28, 2017

This is the truth ! I used to worry constantly that I was too chubby for years , now I worry because I have gotten too thin. Finally I have realized it's all about just being healthy and feeling good about yourself . Who cares what anyone who would judge you on your looks thinks anyway ?

~Twinkle~ May 28, 2017

Completely agree xx

thesunnyabyss May 28, 2017

truth xo

thesunnyabyss May 28, 2017

ok, truth says my head, my head though, not so much, I struggle with this one a lot myself, xo

colojojo June 01, 2017

Very true. There are certain attributes we just can't change about our bodies. And we can either learn to accept them or spend our whole lives filled with frustration and self hate.

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