Random Thoughts to be Sorted Through Later in Maniacs, Prophecy, and Old Friends

  • May 24, 2017, 1:50 p.m.
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I wanted you to follow God with me, and maybe someday you will; right now it seems that you are busy following your own self interests. I still wonder if you were lieing about what God said to you all those years ago. Are you such a narcassist that you would blaspheme and use God’s name to achieve your own ends? I try to believe that isn’t true. I like to see you as a good person. Despite what some misguided doctor may have you believing about yourself. The good is there and I can see it. But if you will not come with me then I will follow God alone. It will be more difficult that way, but I am determined.

I read something interesting lately in a prayer book; it suggested that asthma is caused by worrying too much about your romantic life. I think that’s a bit extreme and completely riddiculous. I have not seen any biblical evidence to support such an audacious claim. I will keep an eye out, but at this point it sort of makes me question the authenticity of the author’s experience with God. And his sanity. I will have to look up the name and see what I can find on him. Inconveniently he did not include any ‘about me’ section to give himself credibility.

Still trying to figure out how to strike up a friendship with your girlfriend. I’d like to see what sort of person she is. Get to know her. I want to know what makes her special. I’m not trying to argue that she isn’t. Of course she is. I’m just curious about specifically why. What are her gifts? I’m excited because I know they must be rare and special. I have no idea how to make new friends or if she’d even want to be my friend.

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