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  • May 19, 2017, 9:25 a.m.
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I took this on my way into the office yesterday morning as we were beginning to get a break in the oppressive overcast we have been living under for what seems like forever. We did have a break for a few days a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful but fleeting.

It was cold earlier though; I was wearing my down jacket when I took this shot of the lone orange iris unfurling across the way.

We are warming up and have a period of dry partially sunny days ahead and today is Friday. Nice!

I am teaching wrists and hands tonight if I have students. It is interesting material to teach because I have inflexible and weak wrist joints and fingers. Luckily I don’t have any arthritis in my hands so I am grateful for that. If you are someone who does you probably know by the way your hands feel that you have over 29 joints in each hand.

My coordinator for the classes at the church wants to meet with me and I get the vibe that they are going to at least cancel offering my class through the church for the summer and I don’t know about the fall but my guess is that it is a no go as well.

The current contract at the yoga studio goes through June 30th. I don’t think the studio owner is doing that great financially either but it will all be revealed. I personally would do better financially if I cut loose from the church but I won’t have that feeder for new students, which means I need to do a concerted marketing push once I find out what is going on.

Boy was I delusional when I assumed that once I developed this relationship teaching at the church that I could go on from there and focus on teaching without a concentrated and consistent marketing push.

There is a big Tai Chi class in the late afternoons during the spring and summer in the park near my place. I walk by it on the way to teach. I wonder how they get students?

I do have ideas for marketing, and a couple of contacts, it is more the time factor and the fact that it is effortful for me as an introvert and I find I need to manage my energy more carefully when I add something like this into the mix.

But if this is something I want to continue to do, then this is something I need to work on.

Mrs. Sherlock is visiting a friend in Southern California this week so I am on my own for the longer walks we usually do together on the weekend.

Still recovering from this latest surgery I was pretty slothful this week. I worked and I taught and I did my grocery shopping but other than that I did nothing. There were two days this week where I didn’t even hit my step goal, which is unusual for me.

And my weight is up.

I am looking forward to healing and being more active and getting back to the basics of eating healthy things in moderation mindfully.

But first I need to log in and get through the workday. It appears there is a move among larger corporations to rein in teleworkers so I want to enjoy the enhanced ability to concentrate at home and not be in the toxic stressed out heightened environment in the office as much as I can!

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Echo May 19, 2017

pretty flower.
be well.

Deleted user May 19, 2017

Gorgeous Iris. I love that color ! It's been pretty much constant bad weather here as well.
Marketing is an issue . You may have to look into some sort of a commercial advertising . Do you have your own web site ? Maybe you should consider writing a weekly Yoga Blog .
Glad you are recovering well from your surgeries.

Lyn May 19, 2017

Stunning iris.

May you find a way to find students effectively.

mcbee May 19, 2017

You always have the most beautiful pictures!

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