The Bible and New Prophets in Maniacs, Prophecy, and Old Friends

  • May 15, 2017, 1:08 p.m.
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I finished reading the book of Mark today. Although I was intrigued by the differences in narrative between the two gospels I’ve (re)read so far, I’m excited to be done with them so that I can jump back to the old testiment. I find it more exciting. There are more questions to be answered. Everything is a bit different in a time before the coming of Christ. Mosaic law is strange, but somehow I find all the little customs of the time quaint and comforting.

I’m still hung up on the customs of Laban’s family. They are pagan. They worship other Gods. I’m told that earings and nose rings are also seen as a pagan practice at the time. Yet, one such ring was given to Rebecka by the servant who came to fetch her for Issac. Idolatry seemed common at the time, much as sexual immorality and gluttony are today. Supposedly, even Esau worshipped other Gods. Why would his father favor the less godlike son after the whole grand covenant with God thing? What didn’t he like about Jacob? So many questions in the old testament. They say the first 5 books were all written by Moses. Together they make, ‘The Book of Moses’.

The new testament is more straight forward. It points out previous prophecies that are being fullfilled. There are some interesting things, like the description of angels at the tome of Jesus-no wings but still mostly discernable as angels.

I wish I had you studying with me. I love your perspective on things and how seriously you take all of it. I miss talking to you. I miss your smile and your slightly twisted sense of humor. It seems like I haven’t seen you in forever. There’s a time for everything though. I should be focusing on the rest of my life, shoving my ducks back into a row. My faith is weak still, and I am ashamed to say I still have trouble avoiding some of my older sins, or even knowing where to draw the line. I just know I’ve crossed the line.

Before I close this entry, a word about great prophets: In the old testament there was a whole wave of them to steer behavior and to predict the coming of Christ. Then the wave stopped for a long time. After a long period without Prophets, Christ ahowed up as predicted. He taught people how to behave (as the prophets did) and predixted his death and the second coming complete with tribulation. Then there was another stagnant period. Doesn’t it make sense that another wave of prophets would come before the start of the tribulation in order to make one last push to correct behavior? Maybe you and I and her are the beginning of the last wave of prophets before the tribulation begins. There certainly seem to be signs that it is near. Not only the increase in shameless sinning, but also in world current events. I don’t pay close attention, but I heard of Syria, of Egypt, of Jerusalem. I would be so very honored to be a part of it. To finally see something great and supernatural in my life. Isn’t that what I always craved so much from magic? Imagine me performing miracles for God. Imagine me healing people and driving out demons, imagine my children interpreting dreams and seeing the future and talking with spirits, controlling the minds of their enemies. I cannot wait to see it! And hopefully you will be by my side throughout it all, friend or lover, whichever you prefer.

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