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  • March 14, 2017, 5:05 p.m.
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This will be short, but then it’s mostly for me. An attempt to restart some writing of some form, something I’ve been wrestling with a lot lately.

I’m recovering from a bout of sinus infection and bronchitis, which knocked me out of work for a few days (I go back tomorrow.) It’s also knocked me out of my autopilot a bit and given me time to think and let my mind wander.

I’ve also reconnected with my reading (particularly nonfiction) over the past month or so, which has certainly reactivated my mind and imagination. That’s part of what’s triggering the desire to write again.

I was supposed to have an appointment tomorrow concerning what should be the final step (for now) for some improvement with my sleep apnea, but I’ve had to push it back a week due to an unexpected work schedule change (bad planning on my part, not the fault of work.) I’m going to pick up an oral appliance, operating sort of like a bite guard or retainer, designed specifically for sleep apnea. I had the molds made a couple of weeks ago, and now I have to go pick it up and get it sized. And we will see how it works. Plus, i have a prescription for a new model CPAP mask I can try, which I may since my previous experience with an older style was so unhelpful.

I started taking yoga classes about three months ago, and I’m enjoying it, though not perhaps for the reasons I had initially expected. For one, the focus on breathing and the concentration on learning the poses has done wonders for creating a space for me to clear my head. I walk out of the classes much calmer and more energized than I’m used to, and more than I expected. Plus, it’s done noticeable good for my history of joint issues in my hips and shoulders. And, one of the teachers there is also a massage therapist. I’ve seen her a couple of times and she’s set some things in motion to help with several specific chronic issues I’ve had.

For now, food and the next round of antibiotics (for the sinus infection) and other meds for the bronchitis (something I had regularly as a kid but haven’t had in more than two decades). Then I’ll probably swing by and help out my best friend with her sick toddler. She’s the one who had the sinus crud initially, and gave it to her mom. I picked it up from her (though I’m the only one who got the bronchitis out of it) when I went over a couple of nights to babysit so she could sleep. Now the toddler has it again. If nothing else, I’ll her get dinner and others things done while she gets her daughter to sleep. Then I’ll come home and crash myself. Thankfully, I don’t have to work as early the next two days, which helps. I’m usually up at 5am to work at 6, but tomorrow I’m in at 11 and Thursday at 8 because of some special things going on at work. Plus, I’ll have to play catch up from being off the past couple of days. So rest will be needed tonight.

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