Hopeless Earthling (Romantic, I) in Book Title.

  • Feb. 14, 2017, 7:02 a.m.
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A punchy title is a showcase for personal mushy indulgences, like wit & depth & lingual acuity or else allusion to an allegiance of vanities. Sociology seems dull but some social graces, like the glee & anguish of titling, redeem my interests.

I smoked a half bowl of dark blonde keef (kief?) on some ashes. I’ve got one of those epiphanous thought trains nearing derailment so I need to make some associative notes to reflect on at a later date.

Time is infinite beyond our current scientific models. Evolution is the foundation for truth & meaning. Creationism is similar to the Flat World fallacy. Its a soothing myth designed to quiet the fears and doubt of common anxieties. Why am I here? (Where is here? Who am I? Why or what is anything? Is there meaning? What is meaning? If I know, is it true? What is truth?) So on and so forth until your head explodes and the man standing next to you is hoping the pieces don’t fall on him.

And the locusts sing.

Anyway, our progress as a species is owed, in part, to fairy tales to encourage the heroic spirit & triumph of goodness and religion to quiet the fear and distinguish goodness from evil. The utility endears me.

I prefer to shed the mythology and embrace the mathematical and scientific measurement of matter whenever satisfying theories emerge.

Anyway, I was thinking about how all the men on my father’s side are slow to speech. Anecdotally, they began speaking no earlier than 5, for generations. I can remember my brothers were late bloomers and suffered an awful stutter until their teens. (My son began speaking around 4 and continues to prefer nonverbal communication.) Several of the men went on to become engineers & study complex math. They have a studious nature. Many of them write prolificly, mostly journal’d observations and questions. That’s how I came to the thoughts on evolution. A-ha.

I watched a nature film about Coconut crabs (actually the largest hermit crab) and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much it resembled a disembodied hand, or a hand evolved to no longer necessitate the body as host. A hand can learn muscle memory exercises, like typing. That’s about how smart a coconut crab is, I think. And I thought further about how trees seem to be tissue masses lacking a central nervous system (duh), not unlike an isolated human organ.
Also, when are we going to dismiss the absurd notion of sentient dominance? Reason & emotion are not unique to our species. Look at the gorilla of incessant reference, Koko.

Most of the planet is underwater. Thorough exploration & analysis of evolution ought to change everything we think we know about our role in the ecosystem & history of the world (part 1).

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