That moment when... in Sparkly, frosty wintertime 2016 (started a little late!)

  • Jan. 20, 2017, 1:23 p.m.
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You’re teaching maths to year 5 when one of them looks out of the window and announces that one bird is jumping on top of another. You look out of the window to see two pigeons have a full-on, feathers flying shag!!

We may have baby pigeons soon!!

northern lights January 20, 2017


thesunnyabyss January 20, 2017


Happy Birthday to Rich!!!!

Complicated Disaster January 20, 2017

Lolz! xx

Deleted user January 20, 2017

That is pretty funny

Lis January 20, 2017


Deleted user January 21, 2017

Birds do it,fish do, bees do it :-) Its Nature and baby pigeons are cute once they get feathers :-)

ElvenAssassin January 22, 2017

I've managed to never see that before, LOL.

*Bug Droppings* January 22, 2017

Deleted user January 22, 2017

The joys of nature. Hopefully the students didn't need an explanation!

I was at the zoo once and walked into the nocturnal exhibit to find a family of 5 staring raptly at a cage with two shrews wildly going at it in broad daylight. Wish I had gotten to go back and see the baby shrews!

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