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  • Jan. 10, 2017, 10:23 p.m.
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My weekend was fairly productive. On Friday I got to leave work early because of the snow. I stopped for beer and chocolate covered pretzels and spent most of the evening knitting and watching movies on netflix.

On Saturday I was lazy, but eventually made myself get moving and went to Red Robin for dinner by myself. When I got back home in decided to text H, because I hadn’t texted since Christmas. So we chatted a bit and then he asked if I was interested in some special attention. Pretty much always, so he said he’d come over. I cleaned the house and fed the animals before he got there. He came in, we talked for a few minutes, and then he was just like come here you and started kissing me. Like passionate I can’t keep my hands off you kissing… I like that. So we went upstairs and had a really good time. I was mostly on top and he had to tell me to slow down several times. I don’t do slow well. He was a little disappointed in himself because of how long he lasted, but there was nothing to be disappointed about. He lasted longer than most guys and he said it had been 3 weeks since he’d had sex. I had my fun so we’re good. After he left I sat around for a while and then I started cleaning again. I was up steam mopping my bedroom at 2am. I have problems. Went to bed around 4am.

Pigs woke me at 730am and I never could get back to sleep. Eventually texted my sister and surprisingly she ended up coming out and we went to home depot and bought paint. Came back here and painted my upstairs bathroom. Gonna try to tackle anot upstairs bedroom next Sunday. After we watched Bad Moms and she painted my toenails and we did face masks.

Slow week so far. I made J birthday dinner on Monday. It was really yummy. Today I made M a hamburger for lunch with the leftover hamburger from last night. Tomorrow I have a Dr appointment. Flirted with V some today… kissed him a little bit. Got a tattoo appointment this coming Monday…

Need to clean my house by Friday bc V is supposed to come over and stay the night. We’ll see how that goes…

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