Standing Up for Standing Rock in Healing Ground

  • Dec. 7, 2016, 9:30 a.m.
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I try and try to block out time to write in here and time slips away. I’ve been very upset about the standoff at Standing Rock and am pleased to see a temporary resolution. I say temporary for two reasons:

1. Our government has a LOOOOONG history (dating back to the 1800s and even earlier if you want to get technical) of promising Native Americans land (that the US never owned to begin with) and then taking it back.

2. Tying in with #1, as Trump takes office, all bets are off. Tea Partiers are NOT environmentalists. They cannot even understand global warming.

I’m beyond relieved that there will be no pipeline redirect under ANY bodies of water (WHAT were they THINKING?), but that too could very well be a temporary situation.

I’ve been busy with petitions to government officials and raising a ruckus on facebook. My conservative friends stayed strangely silent even when I pointed out that the fire hoses and dogs reminded me of what the police did to people of color during the Civil Rights marches. One friend finally sheepishly said she didn’t know what to think because Fox “News” didn’t cover it!

Which proves my point. People are too lazy to think for themselves anymore. They’re so focused on “keeping the party pure” that they left their humanity behind. Who cares if ancient and sacred burial grounds are desecrated? That’s just old stuff, right? So, ask yourself: if the government wanted to build a pipeline right over YOUR loved one’s grave, would it be okay then?

And who cares if it destroys reservation drinking water? The good people of Bismarck turned it down because of fears of tainted drinking water, but it’s okay with them if Native American wells are tainted.

So do they raise their hands to God on Sunday? Do they contribute generously to save the trees in their town? Do they donate to charitable organizations that reach out to Native Americans? Yes, yes, and yes.

I feel as if I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole, where we say we believe in God, or the environment, or in the greater good of mankind, but we lie to ourselves, to each other, and to the Native Americans.

It can and will get worse. We’ve given leadership to a man who has zero understanding of Constitutional Law and Congress is Republican led. Expect to see a complete rape of the land. I’m so sad for our country and so disgusted by the ignorance of the Tea Party.

All I can do is concentrate on my own corner of the world and pray we survive Trump’s thin-skinned bumbling as he offends world leaders, tears down the Constitution, and turns the White House into White Trash House. I’m fully expecting that at the end of his term, he will declare martial law. This is how Hitler happened and the Tea Party are exactly the same as the good German citizens who turned a blind eye as the rights of the Jewish people were stripped away.

Every person, regardless of color or ethnic origin, should be defending and speaking out for the Native American people. Our government drove them like cattle into reservation land. It was “reserved” for them, not us. Speak out. Be loud. This is NOT okay and this is not a time to be silent.

Last updated December 07, 2016

Eriu December 07, 2016

Exactly! So many of my friends and relatives, including CLB and others from the tribe, went to Standing Rock. I thought it was good the Democratic party held hearings on the issue, but I was just as quickly dismayed when one of the congressmen asked the tribal leaders and elders why they thought they should be consulted before projects - isn't that one of the laws he swore to uphold? You understand - why can't others, instead of bringing the dogs or driving through where the protesters are in your truck?

ConnieK Eriu ⋅ December 07, 2016

I thought the Democratic party and Obama in particular took way too much time to intervene on this one. This should have never happened, but I know it will happen again and again. I'm also furious over the mining in Grand Canyon.

Shattered December 07, 2016

Agreed. The US has a lonnng history of being selfish and greedy, since its conception.

ConnieK Shattered ⋅ December 07, 2016

But we also have a long history of struggling toward righteousness, so I am still hopeful that it will happen. It truly is a case of good versus evil.

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