This does feel different than other problems you've had before. We've tried to talk those out, and I've loved talking those out. It's seemed as though if we could just understand more, dive a bit deeper, we could unearth something of truth that would help. Sometimes we find something and we are able to help, even. But in this case, for the last few weeks, I've struggled to talk about your issues with you, and I am not sure why. It just seems like there isn't anything there to uncover, this time, and whether that is my failing, or yours, or this specific problem (not that it's specific) I'm not sure.

The best way I could phrase it, and I'm not sure if this is even accurate, but it's my impression, is that this problem is deeply internal and the change needs to come from within, a decision of some kind needs to be made, discipline needs to be enacted, something like that. In the past, your problems have felt like there were external solutions or little gimmicks that we could try; this time it does not feel that way. A major change needs to happen and you're the only one who could do it.

The only external thing I can guess is that you might need to get out of Japan, since things have become so bad for you there, but I'm not sure that would help. ENTP functionality says yes, though, as you can only function happily when you're being stimulated with new ideas and new theories in interesting discussions with other people, and that is not happening in Japan. Perhaps that's why mind-function and friendship are high on your list. You've been floating in space without engines, Captain Kirk, because you're out of fuel and on a planet that has none.