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‘>although it’s currently 2:20 p.m. here.

So I woke up at. well i’m really not sure. 5:44? maybe. i remember it was still dark out. I must’ve slept at least 12 hrs. my god. Apparently my friend Sage[/Patrick. from the bar] phoned me last night near 9. I was obviously asleep.

I’d FBed him and told me to hit me up if needed. he’s going through a hard time himself. he’s similar to me that way. And I’d meant to phone him, so.

And I I think to the store. yeah I did go. I got plates and...........Tide. and something else. came back did laundry. ate cupcakes the small ones. ran the dishwasher. oh and I rearranged my room and living room. I put one of the bookshelves that was in my room against the railing of the stairs in my living room per James’ suggestion. Since I apparently don’t believe in actual shelves to put things on. Kidding..........kidding. all my stuff goes on the chairs. well I have more chairs than tables, so. Um. I mean bc I don’t believe in shelves all my stuff is on the chairs. in my livin room. yeah there we go.

And put some stuff on the bookshelf. put the books that were on it on the floor against the wall. of my room. well, a wall. And put a table from my room against the side of the sofa in the livin room. The table’s Carol’s [my dad’s mom’s]. Another suggestion of the boyfriend’s. And both rooms look better now so there’s that.oh and the stuff that was on the table is against another wall.

Got ready went to Planned Parenthood. on the way phoned Sage we didn’t have a productive convo. So at Planned I asked if they had the today sponge and evidently the ladies didn’t know what it was. oh ok, surprising. But I got Plan B [which my insurance covers. they offer you 7 at a time and I’m like uh.........ok wow good to know but I just need 1 for now. the lady gave me an info sheet w/ it] out of my visit and 3 brochures. Apparently before they give you stuff they weigh you and take your blood pressure. which I didn’t realise. I’m normal for BP. And I now know my exact weight. idk how I feel about that. When I was waiting for Plan B an army vet came in asking where a church was. He told his story - he’d been medically discharged. which it sounded like he didn’t like - and that it was going to be a hard holiday season. nice to know I’m not alone there. I wished him luck as he left. And really, that’s all I actually could do. Ya know?

So came back. On the way, sat and read 2 of the brochures, one on abortion and one on discussing condoms. got back, watched a bit of Jumanji while eating, did more laundry. ‘

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