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‘’As mentioned, I saw ‘Sparkle’. but this is [about] what happened before and after that.

So I get to the mall at 9:30 and it’s weirdly empty. and dark. I check the directory thing and turns out, the mall opens at 10 on Saturdays. Movie’s at 10:30. [was also actually going to see Odd Life - Of Timothy Green - but didn’t since via the news I know how it ends and I don’t want to see a movie if I know how it ends].

So.........I walk around check out the 2 Starbucks’ they have there see if there’r any yummy chocolate sweets. I don’t find any so I decide to go cross the way to the other one on um. 2nd [which means nothing to people not in Cherry Creek I realise]. I get marble pound cake and I’m standing there wondering when they’re going to ring me up. After a few mins the guy tells the other guy ‘can you ring her up?’ and the 2nd guy’s like ‘oh.yeah. sorry’. It’s ok.........I mean I have time, so.

Go back to the mall go to the movie. So.........then after that . at Build-A-Bear there’s a giant bear [person] giving out hugs and high 5’s [which, btw, i suck at]. I go over and get a hug. yay i love hugs. And some coupons for our [myself and my man’s] bear. Oh. yeah. so a few months back at Mills he got me a Build-A-Bear. er, obviously. [ya know.........if you could get a job stating the obvious. i’d be making bank]. He’s so soft. the bear i mean. We named him Cuddles Bearington. you know, like Paddington [?]. No one’s ever done that for me before. [i vaguely remember blogging about that day.........].

And. I get this ridiclous, dorky paper crown. That I wear. When I’m outside some guy looks at me. Like what, you’re too cool to wear a paper crown? well i’m not. cause sometimes..........ya feel like a dork.

I phone my sister who’s mentioned prior to yesterday she wants to do something this weekend. I tell her where I’m at..........we’re apparently going lamp-shopping tomorrow. since she needs/wants a [new] lamp.

Um. I go back to my place, watch Butterfly Effect - well. most of it - which is on tv. and fall asleep. wake up sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. after a dream about being stoned. As it so happens, after I wake up I light up. don’t get any smoke [although. i manage to get my candle lighter to work and i’m quite proud of myself for that. yay] but do get some ash from the. resin. and’s good.......

More coming soon. Including entries about yesterday into today and Wed./Thurs./Fri. oh and a photo entry since I haven’t done one of those in awhile. ‘

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