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‘’I actually started writing this entry this morning but I was stoned so I didn’t really finish. or start, actually. got a few words in and was like ‘uh.....what.........?’. couldn’t finish was stonedsleepytired.

But I’m less so now.

er, so Thursday night James surprises me by phoning and saying he’s coming to my place and then we’re going to his. I knew he had Sat. off but apparently also thought he worked Fri. and therefore I’m confused.

Between 10:30 and 11:30 he comes. we go to his place where we meet.........another James, his crazy girlfriend Katrina [who, 10 mins after meeting her I cannot remember her name. which doesn’t usually happen to me. I also don’t use people’s names like, ever] and Katrina’s friend Cassidy who although she’s mostly asleep tells me hi. Katrina’s like ‘yeah she has to work at 10 tomorrow’. ok.

Katrina’s hot. When we meet one of the first things I tell her is she’s really pretty. I’ll go up to a chick at a bar and say she’s hot but if I’m not in one it just. doesn’t feel right, somehow. I don’t usually go for blondes.........tan, blonde, tall, thin. about 5‘6 - 5;10. I’m 5‘4. and 3/4. She’s very loud. and talkative. and outgoing. and I don’t quite know what to make of her. W/ most people it’s ‘yeah you seem nice’ or ‘ok you’re not someone I want to talk to so I won’t’. But w/ her..........I really don’t know. she’s confusing. She wasn’t sweet to me but she wasn’t. not. nice either. She was polite at best. She’s got issues and that’s coming from me. has this big energy which......became too much for me by the end of the night. I’m perfectly fine if she decides not to hangout w/ us again.

But James [her James I mean not my man] is sweet. and cool. and quiet. He was, interestingly enough, the first one besides my man who I indirectly admitted I had PTSD to. but more on that later. E

So we all get drunk off pineapple vodka and sour apple. I don’t really remember how the night goes except that it’s short and I’m crying by the end of it. I’m on the sofa, crying and my man gives me a quesadilla which I’m pretty sure Max made. i’m clearly not focused on that bit.

Um so Friday Max & my man and I go to American Furniture Warehouse so they can look at furniture. found a few pieces they like didn’t get anything. Apparently at some point Cassidy, Katrina & the other James leave. As does Jasmine. I wake up and it’s like ‘oh guess they left’. We go out later in the day cause the guys are playing video games.

Um it was either that night or the following that we watch a bit of School Of Rock followed by Sherlock Holmes. before, we go browse liquor stores & to King’s. One of those nights Max makes us [by this time Jasmine’s back] um. chicken, aspargus & mashed potatos. it’s all good. I knock back a slightly blueberry tasting beer. It was my man’s, actually but we’re cool like that. he’s like ‘here you want some?’ ‘ok I’ll try.......’. and end up finishing it. It’s not even good beer - well I mean it’s not horrible but it’s not like. Guiness or anything - but I have it mainly cause I want a drink. and I’m not a big beer person although I’m getting used to it, so. So far I’ve had Guiness, that blueberry stuff and um Heineken. er, a sample of it at the arts fest.

And then another night we watch The Fourth Kind.

So..............on Sunday which was yesterday James has work. which is weird I mean, that he has it on a Sunday. as he usually doesn’t. he has vacation coming up bc of his birthday. He leaves before 2 and gets back at 10:20. I read, sleep and wake up at 7:10 when he phones. as it’s his break. Around 7:30 Max asks me if I want a quesedilla which I do. I go out into the kitchen [I’m in James’ room at the time] so they don’t have to come get me. And have 4 triangl.........

*trianglequesedillas. w/ hot sauce.

So we stay there a couple hrs. play Uno. and .uh. then we’re off to the post office, fast food joint, King’s and my place. ‘

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