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‘’So it’s been a long day. Currently: 10:30 p.m.

Last night I went out on their balcony & briefly talked to Max. He’s from Texas which I knew but spent most of his time here [CO]. His parents are divorced don’t know much beyond that. I told him I have nothing bad to say about him and he goes “well thank you”. well I mean’s kinda what I do. He’s cool, interesting.

At some point before dinner I, again went on their balcony & just sat there. on a chair. It was nice. I’ve never done that.

So this morning we - oh, James & I - woke up before 9. I did not feel good & hadn’t slept much. or, well. not that that’s so unusual. He comes back in & is like ‘honey.........honey it’s time to get up’. I have a hard time getting up anyway but when you’re not feeling do not want to get up. I finally got up & got ready, knackered. He takes me back to my place stays for a few. Then leaves to go back to his to sleep for a bit.

Phones me around 10:30. and falls asleep on the phone, as he often does. I go to Starbucks get tea & lemon pound cake. Have a sample of strawberry banana smoothie. er......then off to the store where I get um. yogurt, pineapple, soda and...........chocolate milk. It takes me awhile to finally decide what to get. Oh and cherry 7Up since I don’t feel good. that stuff works too.

He phones 10 mins before work. so we talk for a bit.

Um............then I...............come back, sleep untill 5:40 when my mom phones. watch tv, he calls at 8 on his break.

And that’s it. ‘

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