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  • Nov. 12, 2016, 11:19 p.m.
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‘’Currentlly: knackered, drained

Current Time: 1:35 a.m.

Currently Spinning: Adele, 21

omygod. things have been so. insane lately. On Wed. just as I was going to the store early that afternoon James phones. and apparently he’s going to meet me at the store [he had the day off] and so at the end of his phone call he’s like ‘i’ll meet you there’. which apparently I didn’t hear. so I thought oh ok he’s going to meet me at my place. i’m on my way back there when he calls and is like ‘i can’t find you’. well that’s cause i’d left.

So he picks me up at the park by my place. and we go to mine. and are just there for a few hrs. which is really nice. our 4 month is this coming Tues. yay. and wow.

If we go on 5 - which i think we will - we’ll have gone on longer than my previous 2 relationships. And then if we go on 2 yrs. [damn] it’ll be the longest i’ve ever been w/ someone. 8 I get ready to go the bar. and we go to karaoke .it’s good.


He leaves my place yesterday [Thurs.] a.m. he had stuff to do/work. and I had a dentist appt. which went well. it was at 11:15.

after which, i go to Target. as usual. get the Adele CD and latest Celtic Woman. and 2 s’sheets; of Disney princess magnets. and a pad of lined Post Its. cause I’ve discovered that that might help me to remember things better than white notebooks. cause of the color. I like colors and yellow. i mean, more than the other colors.

Next, I go to the Starbucks. get passion tazo tea and lemon lb. cake. the tea’s good. I sit ooutside on an uncomfortable metal bench, drink my tea and rearrange stuff. it’s a nice day.

While I’m looking around for a place to throw away my trash James phones. and we talk for about an hr. then he has to go to work. I take the bus to King’s get gift cards and go to my place. I’m back by 4. I think I fall asleep sometime between then and 6. wake up at 10:28 p.m. when he phones. he then phones again at 10:43 p.m. when I actually answer.

and we’ve been on the phone since - currently 1:50 a.m. - except for when it’s died.

So, backtracking a bit. on Wed. before he comes............this happened that morning.

Just as I’m falling asleep 9:07 a.m. my mom phones, scaring the crap out of me. Ya know when you’re at that perfect level of just near falling asleep? yeah I was there. we go to King’s, back to my plac’

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