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‘ ‘9th

this is about last weekend. which. was ok.

[please keep the notes coming about recommended books on my entry entitled ‘expansion’. thank you]

Saturday evening my mom and I went to Francie’s. she’s the woman whose house the pilates party is always inevery year. But Taryn, Mom’s pilates instructor, is the hostess.

omygod Taryn is so beautiful. and she’s supernice too. really down to earth. great body. Well yeah given she was/won Miss Fitness USA. Her mom was having some health issues last year but I guess she’s doing better. i didn’t ask since I don’t know either of them that well.

I talked with some people. Francie and I talked. she was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t remember her name. so finally before my mom and I left I told her ‘I didn’t catch your name’. that worked. What else is good to say in that situation?

[again, thanks]

She has a black lab, Atom. not Adam which is also a good name for a dog. he liked me. Dogs usually startle me so I found if I’m calm around them they’ll be calm and not bark.

Taryn’s husband is an xray guy. Radiologist*. he wants to be a pediatric one. Mom told him the story of when I broke my wrist. Apparently according to my uncle I broke it doing a cartwheel. really? I seem to remember breaking it falling down the stairs....I was 9.

Oh! random bit of news. so my uncle Ty’s wife’s book was/is on the New York Times list, most likely the bestseller one. it seems like a really boring book to me but it’s cool she’s on it. th name’s Lynne Isbell, if anyone wants to lookit up. it’s a science book.

My mom and I met Bonnie and Sarah. I don’t know why there were there. I guess some of the people at the get together were allergy patients. Bonnie was fun. Sarah was really cool. I noticed her looking at the holiday ornaments. I mentioned this and she said she loves Christmass trees. the ornaments are personal. I introducd her to my mom.

I had a little bit of food. cheese, crackers, carrots, dip and a tiny brownie. yum. One of the guys I was talking to mentioned I didn’t have very much to eat. I told him it’s a buffet. As in, people can have as much or as little as they want. i really like buffets.

When I got there one of the bartenders asked me what I wanted to drink. I said water and got a bottle. It’s funny; I don’teven like water and yet whenever I’m w/ company I always order it. Well it’s cheap and simple, also a simple choice.

oh so my mom now knows I drink. I’d never told her because she doesn’t approve. she asked me if I did and I answered honestly. i expected her to react. it was more of, ok she drinks. it is what it is.’


This is about last weekend.

So after I got back from the pilates get-together I went on FB. Mark’s status read he wanted to hang out w/ someone. We ended up hanging out. Met in front of the bookstore since by the time I got there it was closed. Apparently when I got to the 2nd level of the pavillions [16th St., downtown Denver] Mark was there but I didn’t realise it. and sinc I’m shy I don’t go up to random people. I phoned him and we found each other.

Well I did not have a good night. it was freakin cold, my leg hurt, his place was cold and still. disorganised. I thought oh, well, since he’s been back for a week he’ll have time to organise it. no, actually, it was even worse.

I’m not angry with him for that; I just don’t like it.

So I was lying on his couch thinking I could call my dad to come picl me up [right.......] or a cab but I didn’t have cab money, so. I stayed.

I was so glad to be back at my place where it’s organised! and warm. yay. on the way to I stopped by Starbucks and got a chai and a brownie. i’ve been going there more lately.

I know some guys aren’t as organised as women and yeah I expect that but.........ya know? there’s a certain point in time where. you don’t want to hang out w/ said person.

so yeah.

[don’t know if I’ll get any - oooh! lol - advice please] ‘

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